Standing Offer Price Change

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Announcement for changes from the 1st of July (NSW, QLD, SA)

What makes up my energy rates?

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Network charges

These are the charges that we incur from distribution networks to service your premise

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Wholesale energy costs

Is the cost Simply Energy incurs to purchase energy from wholesale market

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Renewable energy schemes

These are costs under national and state schemes to support renewable energy

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Retail costs

Costs related to managing your accounts, billing and customer services

What is a reference price?

The reference price is a benchmark that allows you to better compare different electricity plans.

The reference price is for electricity and is set by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). It varies depending on where you live.

In your recent price change communication, you would have seen your new rates and how they compare to the reference price.

Would I be better off on another offer?

If you are on our standing offer, we believe that you would be better off on one of our simply great value offers.

Click here to review your options to save.

My energy costs are still too high –
what is Simply Energy doing to help?

We have a range of simply helpful services including:

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View our Energy Saving Tips

Learn how to save energy, time and money.

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Log in to MyAccount

To view your energy plan, update your contact details and view or pay your bills securely.

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Try our Online Energy

To learn about how you use energy simply complete a quick survey to get your free report.

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Financial difficulty

If you’re currently experiencing financial difficulty, visit our Help and Support centre or give us a call on 13 88 08 and we’ll let you know how we can help you