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Reduce & Reward

Simply give yourself some credit

Our Reduce & Reward programme is a simple way to reward yourself with a bill credit by voluntarily reducing your energy consumption when demand on the electricity grid is high.

Thanks for showing your interest in the Reduce & Reward programme, registrations have now closed. Check back here soon as we will run this programme again soon, continuing to reward our customers who help reduce demand on the electricity grid.

How does the Reduce & Reward programme work?

Step 1

Simply register to the Reduce and Reward programme using the entry form above.

Step 2

We’ll send you an SMS 24 hours prior to a peak demand event so you can prepare to reduce your energy consumption.

Step 3

We’ll also send you an SMS once the peak demand event has started, so you can start to reduce your energy consumption.

Step 4

When the event has finished, we’ll send you an SMS letting you know.

How do you calculate my expected energy consumption?

Your expected energy usage is calculated by taking your average usage over the previous 10 days at the same time as the event, multiplying by weather correction factors. The weather correction factors are dependent on a number of variables and will be at the discretion of us.

How much do I need to reduce my energy?

You need to reduce your energy consumption by more than 10% below your expected energy consumption during a peak demand event.

Still want to know more, visit our FAQ

Important to note:
Reduce & Reward is only open to residential Victorian customers with a smart meter. If you are in another state or if there is any reason why turning off certain appliances would be harmful to you or anyone at your home, you are unable to join the Reduce & Reward programme.