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Billing cycles

These commonly asked bill cycle questions explain how often you’ll get a gas or electricity bill, how to make changes to your bill frequency, and why you might get an estimated bill. 

How often is my meter read?


How often your electricity meter is read depends on the meter type at your property: 

  • Every 3 months for basic (analogue) meters and manually-read digital meters, unless there are any issues with accessing the meter – see Why was my bill estimated? below.  

  • For smart (communicating) meters we receive data direct from your meter each day. This means you will be billed monthly – at least once every 30 days. Learn more about smart meters here. 


Generally, you’ll receive a bill every 3 months (quarterly). However, if you’re in Victoria you’ll receive a bill every 2 months. 

Can I change my billing cycle?

You may be able to but only for electricity, not for gas. 

If your meter type allows it, you can change your billing cycle from quarterly to monthly (from every 3 months to every month). 

However, if you have a smart or digital meter that allows for monthly billing through regular readings you won’t be able to switch from monthly to quarterly billing.  

Why was my bill estimated?

An estimated bill is when we predict the amount of power you would have used based off your past usage.

Usually, you’ll receive an estimated bill when the distributors who read your meter are unable to access it. This could be because the meter has been installed behind a locked gate or indoors or access to the meter was blocked in some way. 

We’ll generally let you know if your bill is estimated. It’s your responsibility to ensure that access is provided on the date advised on your last bill. If meter access is a problem, let us know so we can update our records or arrange for a special read.

Once we get an actual meter read from your distributor, we will check and correct your account. If we have charged you the wrong amount, we will either include an adjustment on your next bill or send you a replacement bill. 

Do you accept customer reads?

If access to your meter is an issue, we may be able to accept a meter reading from you. However, this will depend on your meter type and other criteria. 

To find out more, you can message us in your MyAccount app or If you prefer to get in touch a different way, visit our Contact Us page for more options. 



    Please contact us via online chat (Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm AEST) to find out more.  




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