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Simply Electric Vehicle (EV)

Our Simply EV energy plan rewards Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) owners in Victoria with a Super Off-Peak Discount and 5,000km* of bonus charging.

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An energy plan designed specifically for Victorian EV owners

  • A special Super Off-Peak Discount of 6 cents/kWh for charging your EV between 12 am – 6 am. 
  • 5,000km* of bonus charging (that's a $200 credit to your electricity bill). 
  • A guaranteed discount off our usage and supply charges.
  • Carbon neutral energy.
  • $0 exit fee and no lock-in contract.

Special EV bonus energy credit

Simply put, we’re rewarding our EV customers with bonus charging to thank them for choosing a vehicle that is gentler on the environment. 

*How the bonus charging works

  • Your 5,000 km bonus will be applied as a $200 credit to your account once you have transferred to the Simply EV offer.
  • This bonus has been calculated as the minimum amount an average electric car available in Australia will travel under normal driving conditions, charged using the Super Off-Peak Rate and multiplied by the average energy consumption of an Electric Vehicle in Australia, 0.18kWh/km.

Interested to know more? You can view the detail within our terms and conditions or our FAQs at the bottom of this page. 

We’re making charging your electric vehicle simple

To help you get the most from your Simply EV energy plan, you need to charge your EV between 12 am – 6 am.

Whether you want to charge your vehicle with an EV charger or via a wall socket, you should be able to program it to do so during these hours.

Simply follow the link below to find out how. 

View our Simply EV offer

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    Award-winning energy solutions

    Innovation Excellence Award 2022

    We’re proud to have won this award for our Solar Sharing Scheme in partnership with Hunter Douglas in NSW. 

    Innovation and Collaboration 2020

    Awarded for our world-leading VPPx, this project was recognised for its increasing of consumer benefits from home battery systems.

    IoT for Energy 2020

    We were thrilled to be acknowledged for our work in growing connectivity and IoT innovation for our VPPx project. 

    We’re certified by Climate Active

    All energy sold from January 1, 2021 is certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active. This is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action.

    Frequently asked questions

    Am I eligible?

    You must have an electric car, either fully electric or plug-in Hybrid. You must also have a smart meter installed at your property or be willing to install one.

    Do I need to provide Simply Energy with my car registration number?

    Yes. During the sign up process for this offer, we will request your registration to ensure you are eligible.

    How do I program my EV to charge between 12am – 6am?

    It’s simple – we created a list of common EVs and EV chargers and how to program them so you get the benefit of the super off-peak rate. Learn more here.

    Do I need an EV charger?

    No, you can program you EV to charge directly from a power point in your home. Please visit our EV Charging page for more info. 

    How will the 5,000km bonus charging be applied to my bill?

    We calculated the 5,000km bonus as the minimum distance an average electric car available in Australia will travel under normal driving conditions.  This assumes the EV is charged between 12am to 6am at the off-peak rate shown in your Welcome Pack, less any discounts, and has the average energy consumption of an electric vehicle in Australia, 0.18 kWh/km.

    I’m interested in finding out more about Electric Vehicles.

    Great! Visit our blog to read our Simple Guide to Electric Vehicles.