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Energy saving tips to help you reduce your energy

Air con

Air conditioners can use a lot of electricity. Set your air con between 24 - 26 degrees for optimum cooling. Any degree below this can increase your cost by up to 10%. Also consider cooling your house before the event.


Switching off 4 halogen downlights can reduce your electricity by 0.2kWh per hour. Also consider installing LED lighting as they can use up to 80% less than standard halogen bulbs.


Dishwashers can use between 2 - 3kWh per cycle. Consider delaying the cycles or washing by hand.


Standby mode can use up to 10% of your electricity bill. Turn off your TV at the power switch when it’s not in use. Making sure your TV is not in direct sunlight can also reduce your energy bill.


Simply turning off your computer when it’s not in use can save on your energy bill. Not using a screen saver, turning off your monitor and reducing your screen brightness also helps to reduce energy use.

Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryers can use up to 4kWh of electricity per cycle. As the weather is warm, hang your clothes outside which can also help kill bacteria.

Washing Machine

Delay doing your washing until after the peak event and save around 0.5-1kWh per cycle.

Pool Pump

Pool pumps can use 1kWh every hour. consider switching this off for the duration of the event.

Electric Oven

Electric oven can use 2kWh per hour, consider delaying your cooking or using the BBQ.


5 minutes to heat up your food uses around 0.12kWh.

For more energy saving tips, visit Sustainability Victoria appliance calculator