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Simply carbon neutral

Sign up to one of our carbon neutral energy plans and we’ll offset carbon emissions from your energy usage. It’s not an option, add-on or app you’ll need to activate.


How does offsetting work?


carbon neutral how



We make offsetting simple. For every tonne of emissions you make, we purchase one tonne of emission offsets. These are in the form of certificates from projects that absorb or ease the production of CO2. Certificates are sourced from activities that meet standards set by Climate Active.


We’re certified by Climate Active

Simply Energy offer 100% carbon neutral energy plans, certified by Climate Active.

Established as a partnership between the Australia government and businesses to drive voluntary climate action, this certification means that just by signing up for one of these plans, we’ll offset carbon emissions from your energy usage.

There’s nothing more you need to do, except feel good.

Use our Carbon Calculator to estimate your carbon footprint

Simply fill in a few questions and we can calculate an estimate of your carbon footprint. Plus we’ve got heaps of tips to help keep your carbon emissions down.

Backed by ENGIE

Simply Energy is proudly backed by ENGIE – one of the largest independent power producers in the world and a global leader in the transition to a zero-carbon economy. 

ENGIE makes significant investments in renewable energy generation and energy efficiency worldwide, and is committed to changing the face of energy in Australia, developing and providing responsible, sustainable energy solutions. 

To find out more view the terms and conditions