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Request an additional meter read

Simply Energy can reissue a substituted or estimated bill with a bill based on a customer read. This is only done when there is a marked difference between what you have been billed for, and what you advise the meter is reading at that point in time.

For a bill to be issued based on a customer read, the difference between the Estimated/Substituted read and the customer read must be more than 150 units for Electricity and 100 units for Gas.

Special Check Read

If you are unhappy with an actual read, a special check can be requested by you at your own cost. Based on this special check reading, any difference between your usage and the amount charged on your bill can be reconciled to ensure that you only pay for the energy you have actually consumed over the course of the billing period. Alternatively, you can wait until your next bill where you will see any variance rectified.

How do I arrange a special check read?

We would be happy to arrange an appointment for a special meter reading at your premises. This can take place anytime during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Please contact 13 88 08 (from 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST Monday to Friday) to arrange a convenient date to allow us access to your meter. We require you to give us at least 10 business days notice to arrange an appointment.

Please be advised there is a fee associated with this type of reading.

How is usage measured?

Whether its electricity or gas, you will have a meter at your property to measure and record the amount of energy you have used. Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) and gas in megajoules (MJ). A meter reader from the local network distributor in your area will usually come out and read your meter, and it's these reads that we use to prepare your energy bills. In instances where we are not provided with actual meter reads from the distributor, we may need to use an estimate or substituted meter read until we are supplied with the actual meter read by the distributor but we will tell you on your bills.

For interval electricity meters, reads are obtained remotely via a communication network. There may be times a meter reader from the local network distributor in your area will have to attend the site to extract the data.

To find out the read type used for your Simply Energy bill, simply check the bill reference letter next to the reading. 

Requesting Metering or Billing Information

Customer Request
Residential and Small to Medium business customers can request their metering or billing information for the last two years. To request this information, please provide your information so Simply Energy can confirm authority to obtain this information.

Customer Type  Information required
Residential Customer Name, address, DOB, the date range (within the last two years) and, if you have it, the NMI/MIRN you require the data for.
Small to Medium   Business Customers Business Name, ABN, your name, business address, the date range (within the last two years) and, if you have it, the NMI/MIRN you require the data for.

The NMI/MIRN  can be found on your bill, on the second page above your usage information.

You can request your data by contacting us

For help with the technical information in the detailed report, view the NEM12 Retail User Guide

For Victorian customers, if you need the information for use with the Victorian Energy Compare website, please include this in your request so we can make sure the correct format is provided.

Third Party Requests
To obtain metering or billing information on behalf of a customer, download and complete the below form and email the request to [email protected]. This form will need to be completed and scanned for each customer. 

View the Authorised Representative Form

Please describe, in Section 5 of the form, the information you are requesting. Please use a description from the following list:
• Victorian Energy Compare smart meter file electricity format
• Metering Data Provision Procedures (AEMO) electricity format
• Gas information 

What are Service Order Charges?

Simply Energy can help you organise energy connection, disconnection, meter addition and meter alteration etc. All distributor charges are generally passed on to you on your next energy bill. You may also be charged an administration fee to organise such requests.

What is a contract termination fee?

A contract termination fee is a fee for terminating a fixed-term contract before the contract expiry date. You are advised of the amount of any contract termination fee at the time of entering into a fixed term contract. If you cancel a fixed term contract with us a contract termination fee may be applied to your final bill.

What is a MIRN?

Your MIRN is the Meter Identification Reference Number for gas. Every home and business with a gas supply has a unique number. This number is used to track your usage and used when changing retailers. You will find it on your Simply Energy bill on the top section of the back page.


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