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It's all good energy

There’s simply no better way to support Australia’s renewable energy future than with the Simply for Good by ENGIE plan. 100% of the electricity you use will be matched with approved GreenPower from accredited renewable electricity sources which is fed into the energy grid.

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GreenPower made simpler

GreenPower is a government-managed accreditation for renewable electricity sources. With GreenPower you can rest easy, knowing that every TV show you binge, game you play or appliance you use, is matched with renewable electricity being fed into Australia's grid.

By choosing GreenPower you're supporting Australia's renewable energy future.

You can learn more about your impact here

Simply go carbon neutral

Sign up for Simply for Good by ENGIE and we’ll offset the carbon emissions from 100% of your gas usage. 

It’s not an option, add-on or app you’ll need to activate, so there’s nothing more you need to do, except feel good.

Backed by ENGIE

Simply Energy is backed by ENGIE, whose fleet includes accredited renewable energy generation. ENGIE is a world leader in the transition to a zero carbon economy.

Good value & good values

  • 100% GreenPower electricity, with certificates sourced exclusively from Australian renewable energy sources
  • Support our renewable energy future, and help make Australia more sustainable
  • $0 exit fee, no lock in contract

View our Simply for Good by ENGIE plan

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    We also have a regulated Standing Offer available. For more information, call us on 1300 029 223.


    Simply Energy is becoming ENGIE

    The same great value you trust from Simply Energy with the benefits of being a global energy leader.

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