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Great value plans for small and medium businesses

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    Why choose a business plan with us?

    Dedicated Business Support

    Our dedicated business support centre puts you at the front of the queue, for fast query resolutions.

    Smart usage alerts

    No one likes surprises, so if you have a smart meter we can keep you up to date with your business’ energy use via weekly emails.

    Manage your energy 24/7

    Our MyAccount portal allows you to edit your details, pay bills, and manage your energy whenever suits you.

    Simpler bills

    We’ll provide you with eBills for direct upload to accounting software like MYOB and Quickbooks.

    Carbon neutral energy

    All energy sold from January 1, 2021 are certified as 100% carbon neutral by Climate Active

    Established as a partnership between the Australia government and businesses to drive voluntary climate action, this certification means that just by signing up for one of these plans, we’ll offset carbon emissions from your energy usage.

    There’s nothing more you need to do, except feel good.

    Let’s simplify your business energy plan

    Talk to our expert team today to find the right business plan for you.
    Fill out the form below to arrange a callback, or call us on 1800 942 068.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the contact hours for the business support line?

    We have a dedicated business support team that puts you at the front of the queue. We’re here to help, not hold you up. Give our dedicated support team a call on 13 88 08 between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. 

    How quickly will I be switched over from another provider?

    The transfer to us can take anywhere from 10 business days to 4 months depending on your meter type (basic or smart meter) and when your next meter read is scheduled. Once we have your final meter read and the transfer is complete, we will let you know in writing.

    Looking for more information? You can read up on some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to switching retailers here, or give us a call on 1800 090 836.

    Can I keep my energy plan if I’m moving premises?

    If moving premises, you will need to sign up to a new energy plan which can be done either on the Simply Energy website or getting in touch on our dedicated business support team on 1800 090 836 who can help you do so over the phone. 

    Can I use the same Simply Energy plan across multiple site locations?

    Yes, depending on a range of factors including the meter tariff, time of sign up and location of site, you may be able to use the same energy plan across multiple site locations. 

    If you have multiple sites under different plans, these can be aggregated under the one parent Customer Account, and for large accounts of more than 20 sites, consolidated statements are an option. 

    To speak with someone on our dedicated support team for more information on signing up to Simply Energy with multiple sites, call 13 88 08 between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

    How do I compare against the Victorian Default Offer?

    The Victorian Default Offer (VDO) is a reference price for electricity introduced by the Victorian government to help make energy prices simpler for all households. All discounts and perks are compared against the VDO reference price, helping you compare and select the best plan for your electricity usage.

    How does carbon neutral energy work?

    At Simply Energy, all of our new business plans provide carbon neutral energy. It’s not an option, add on or app you’ll need to activate. Just sign up to a plan and we’ll offset carbon emissions from your energy usage. Plain and simple.

    For every tonne of emissions you make, we purchase one tonne of emission offsets. These are in the form of certificates from projects that absorb or ease the production of CO2. Certificates are sourced from activities that meet standards set by Climate Active.

    We also have a regulated Standing Offer available. For more information, call us on 1800 090 836


    Simply Energy is becoming ENGIE

    The same great value you trust from Simply Energy with the benefits of being a global energy leader.

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