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Is your bill higher than expected?

Like many things in life, your energy bills can have their ups and downs. If you’ve received a bill that’s higher than usual, our troubleshooting checklist can help you understand why your bill has changed.

Start with the 5-step bill check

Grab your bill and go through our 5-step high bill checklist.

What’s the weather been like?

Changing seasons often mean changing bills. In summer, hot days mean aircon, fans, fridges and freezers need to work harder. If you have a pool, this will further drive up your energy use.




*Hot tip: compare your current bill with the same time last year to get a true picture of your seasonal energy use.

Moved, renovated or upgraded major appliances?

Changes at home can sometimes increase the amount of energy you’re using. Here are 5 reasons why changes on the home front could mean higher bills.

Have energy prices increased?

At Simply Energy, we’ll always let you know about any changes to rates and pricing to avoid any not-so-pleasant surprises. Here are the fees that could impact your bill.

Energy rates and pricing

Our energy factsheets outline what you’re paying for your energy.

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Supply service charges

Charged by your distributor to get the energy to you and for maintenance of poles and wires.

Solar feed-in tariffs

Feed-in tariffs are payments you receive for any extra solar energy you generate that goes back into the electricity grid.

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Other fees

These include connection or disconnection fees and charges or payment fees for using certain payment types.

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Worried about paying your high bill?

We’re here to help. From extensions to hardship support, learn how we can support you if you’re having trouble paying your bill.

Extensions and plans

We can offer one-off bill extensions and payment plans.

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Do you qualify for government concessions, discounts, grants or rebates?

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Financial hardship

We can offer support with ongoing financial difficulties and hardship.

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Our usage tools can help you avoid future bill shock

Manage your account

Check usage. Pay bills. Update details. Manage your account online, simply.

Manage your account

Energy Tracker

If you have a smart meter, Tracker helps you monitor electricity usage, set budgets and preview your bill.

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