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Sign up to a new energy plan with Simply Energy, and we’ll offset carbon emissions from your energy usage at no extra cost to you. 
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Simply Energy have been making energy simple and affordable since 2005. With award-winning customer service and more benefits for less, it’s easy to see why so many Australians trust us to take care of their energy needs.

Gas Provider of the Year 2019

Cooking with gas? Roy Morgan confirmed that our gas customers are the nation’s happiest.

Dual Fuel National 2018

Dual fuel = double happiness. We have Australia’s ‘most satisfied’ dual fuel customers.

SA Electricity Provider 2017

Brightening up SA’s day. Our electricity customers are the ‘most satisfied’ in SA.

SA Natural Gas Provider 2017

Our SA customers had that warm fuzzy feeling. In 2017, our gas customers were the state’s most satisfied.