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Request for permanent meter removal

The process to permanently remove a meter (meter abolishment) from a property will vary depending on the state you live in and your distributor^ - as will the timeframes and costs.

To keep it simple, we’ve put together a short guide below to help you prepare your application. 

But first, let’s look at the main difference between disconnection of supply and permanent meter abolishment.

A disconnection of supply can be requested when your electricity or gas service is not being used – for example a vacant property. This means that the meter remains on site at the property and supply can be recommenced when requested without the need for a new connection. Note that keeping the meter onsite will still attract daily service charges (even if supply is disconnected).

A meter abolishment is generally requested when a property undergoes a full renovation or is being demolished and requires the service lines or physical meter being removed. When requesting an abolishment, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership of the property (such as a rate notice, planning notice) and acknowledge that the whole supply will be removed.

^If you don’t know who your energy distributor is, check the Get in Touch section in the top right-hand corner of page 1 of your Simply Energy bill.

Preparing your application

To arrange permanent removal of an electricity or gas meter (meter abolishment), please ensure you meet and provide the following criteria: 

  • You must be the property owner. A renter cannot make this request.
  • Proof of ownership. For example, a rate notice. Make sure this proof is supplied with your application to avoid any delays. Maximum file size of 20MB each.
  • Photos. Take one or two photos of your meter number and submit them with your application. Maximum file size of 20MB each.
  • NMI (National Metering Identifier) for your electricity meter – which can be found on your bill.
  • MIRN (Meter Identification Reference Number) for your gas meter -  which can be found on your bill.
  • Make sure the address (where you want the meter removed) matches the ‘supply address’ on your bill.

For electricity meter removal (abolishment) in Victoria:

  • If the property is located in Victoria, a VESI form will need to be completed by a registered builder or electrician. Download a VESI form here. 
  • You’ll need to submit the completed VESI form with your application.

Submitting your application

Your application for permanent removal of a meter should be submitted via our Contact Us form.

Within this form, under 'What's your enquiry related to?', select 'My meter'. 

Then, select 'Follow up on my request' as the sub category.

You must remember to attach:

  • A photo(s) of your meter number
  • Proof of ownership (such as a rate notice)
  • VESI form – if the property is located in Victoria – fully completed by your builder or electrician

Fees and charges

Fees and charges will vary depending on the fuel type, where you live and your energy distributor^. 

Please note, Simply Energy does not charge fees for this process, however, as Simply Energy collects these fees on behalf of the distributor, these charges will appear on your Simply Energy bill.

For further information on fees, please get in touch via our live chat service.

^If you don’t know who your energy distributor is, check the Get in Touch section in the top right-hand corner of page 1 of your Simply Energy bill.


Completion time will vary from one distributor to another but generally will be up to 20 business days once the property is vacant and a work order has been issued to the distributor by Simply Energy. An incorrect application, missing photos, information or failure to supply proof of property ownership will result in delays.

Other things you can do

  • Make sure the property is free of rubbish, has clear access to the meter location (any gates unlocked) and is generally safe to carry out any work. If not, fees may apply and the meter removal may have to be rescheduled.
  • It’s a good idea to factor in any additional time for any building work that may be dependent on removal of the meter.


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