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Tracker, built just for you

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What is Tracker?

A free service to monitor and manage your daily electricity use. Set budgets and even estimate your bills.

How does it work?

Tracker draws real time data from your smart meter, so you can easily view your usage, to see when you’re using electricity.

Control your spend

Set a budget, track your spend and take control of your bills. See what your next bill might cost midway through your billing cycle, so you can adjust your spend.

Regular Updates

Choose to receive weekly or monthly email updates, and track your usage via your unique Tracker portal at any time, from any device.

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Privacy policy

Tracker is a service designed to keep you up to date on your energy spend based on your meter’s electricity usage. It is a projection only and not a substitute for your actual bill. Your actual bill will vary. The calculations include usage charges, supply charges, concessions, discounts and solar feed-in credits (if applicable). It does not include manual adjustments such as credits, forward balances or other charges such as special meter read fees. All charges are GST inclusive.