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COVID-19 resources and support

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, our customers, our people, and the communities in which we operate is our priority.

Through uncertain times, Simply Energy will continue to provide extra support for your home or business.

The simplest way to manage your energy account is online through MyAccount.

We’ve answered some of your most asked coronavirus-related questions below. However, if you need to contact us, click here.

NSW connections FAQs

How do the NSW COVID-19 restrictions impact my power connection? Why are there delays?

Unfortunately, with the current NSW restrictions in place distributors (who are responsible for the connection and disconnection of power at a property) must adhere to the NSW COVID-safe guidelines. This means that distributors have additional obligations to physically attend a property – to ensure their safety and yours. This is resulting in some delays to the usual connection and disconnection turnaround times.

Whilst your power being connected is our top priority, the current restrictions may result in delays with accessing your property to complete the process.
We are in regular communication with your distributor to ensure your power is connected as soon as possible. 

What does this mean for my connection today?

If your new property is already ‘energised’ (i.e., has power connected at that address), we will request a meter read and the account will be transferred to you. There may be a slight delay in the transfer; however, there should be no impact to your physical electricity supply.

If your property is not currently ‘energised’ (i.e., no power is connected), this requires someone to physically visit the property.

Power connection at a property (or ‘re-energisation’) will only be done by the distributor if it is safe to do so. The distributor may contact you prior to attending the property and run through a Covid-safe questionnaire before attending a site.

Is there anything I can do to get my power connected sooner?

Unfortunately not. We will continue to have regular communication with your distributor to ensure this is actioned as soon as possible.

Will another energy retailer connect me sooner?

All retailers and distributors are in the same position in relation to adhering to the NSW COVID-safe guidelines.

Will I be compensated if I don’t get connected?

While connecting power supply is a top priority and should proceed as normal, as advised by the distributors, there could be potential delays due to NSW COVID-safe restrictions outside our control. Unfortunately, under such circumstances, Simply Energy’s compensation is not available.

I want my connection in the next week, will I get connected?

We will continue to monitor the NSW restrictions and COVID-safe guidelines and work with your distributor to ensure power is connected in the quickest possible timeframe.

What happens if I have a medical or life support need?

It is important you let us know of any life support or medical requirements that may be impacted with the delays to your connection, so that we can discuss a suitable escalation plan.

General FAQs

I’ve received an estimated bill. How do I submit a self-service meter read?

COVID-19 restrictions may mean that access to your meter is limited. If you’ve received an estimated bill, you can supply a self-service meter read online.

Supplying your own meter read is simple:

  1. Fill out the Contact us form. Make sure you have your account number handy (you can find this at the top of page 1 of your bill).
  2. In ‘What's your enquiry related to?’, select ‘My meter’.
  3. Select the ‘Add a customer read’ sub-category.
  4. In the ‘Enquiry’ section, enter your meter read, reading left to right and including all the zeroes before the numbers. Don’t forget to include the date of your self-service meter read.
  5. Upload a photograph of your meter, including a date and time of your self-service read if possible. You could include a mobile phone or fitness tracker screen in your photograph to show the time and date.
  6. We will then send you an updated bill that reflects your actual usage. 

If you’re having trouble reading your meter, our 'How to read your meter' guide can help you identify your meter type and read your meter accurately. 

Submit your meter read

What payment support options are available?

In challenging times, we understand you may need a little extra support with your bill. We are here to assist you with:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, visit our online Help Centre, chat with us online (Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm AEST) or call our automated phone service 13 88 08.

What government assistance is available?

This will depend where you are in Australia. The information below is up to date as of February 2021; however, we recommended you check your state or territory government website to access the most up-to-date information.

For general information on government concessions, including grants, discounts and rebates, click here.

Victoria – the $250 Power Saving Bonus

The $250 Victorian Government’s Power Saving Bonus will be available from 1 February 2021 to 31 January 2022.

The Victorian Government’s Power Saving Bonus is a one-off payment of $250 available to Victorian households with at least one JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, Austudy or Abstudy recipient or Pensioner Concession Card holder.

To find out more and apply, visit the State Government’s Victorian Energy Compare website.

How can I pay my bill?

There are several ways to pay your bill – many of them online:

  • The simplest way to pay is through MyAccount. Click here to log in or register.
  • Pay online by credit card or PayPal. Click here to pay by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.
  • Australia Post Billpay. Call 13 18 16 or go to
  • By telephone or internet banking. Contact your bank to make payment from your account. Learn more at

What if I’m moving house?

In most cases, we don’t expect any interruptions to your move in date as a result of COVID-19. However, if your property is in an area that is affected by COVID-19 restrictions, distributors must adhere to COVID-safe guidelines – to ensure their safety and yours. This may result in some delays to the usual connection and disconnection turnaround times. We will continue to have regular communication with your distributor to ensure your power is connected as soon as possible.

Learn more about moving with Simply Energy here. Or click here to contact us about your move.

I’m having issues with my power supply. What should I do?

If you are experiencing issues with your electricity or gas supply, please contact your distributor. Your distributor’s phone number can be found in the top right corner of your latest bill.

You can also find more information on emergencies, faults and outages, including distributor contact details, here.

I’m on a movies plan. What will happen with my tickets or points?

Village movie vouchers

Village movie vouchers with expiry dates after December 2020 have been automatically extended for an additional 8 months.

Vrewards points and benefits

Due to cinema closures, Village Cinemas have extended the redemption periods for eligible Vrewards points. 

To further extend your Vrewards points expiry, simply make an eligible transaction in cinema or online. You will need to scan your membership when purchasing in cinema or be logged into your account when booking online.

For more information, please visit the Village Cinemas website or the Village Cinemas Facebook page. For enquiries regarding voucher or points expiration, please contact Village Cinemas.

Should I be worried about scams and hoaxes?

Simply Energy will never send emails or text messages asking you to confirm, update or disclose personal or banking information.

Always check your customer details (account and customer numbers and address) are correct before paying your bill.

If in doubt, simply don’t click. Contact us through online chat and we’ll investigate. You can also login to MyAccount to manage your account securely online.