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Simplifying solar

Everything you want to know, and nothing you don’t

Whether you currently have PV Solar cells on your roof,
or you're looking to upgrade to home solar,
we are simplifying solar, to ensure you can get the most out of your energy

Simply Energy is committed to making Solar a real and reliable future energy source. Here’s how:

Who's the shining light?

Gain valuable insights into how well your Solar energy production stacks up against other Simply Energy customers.

Your PV's PB?

You'll receive in depth information on your Solar photo voltaic system performance. Weekly updates. Peak and trough times. Weekly averages. Plus, new performance alerts to notify you when your system is underperforming.

Know the kilowatt, when and how of your system

Simply Energy can provide your total export KwH to the grid and the associated money earned by your Solar PV system.

Terrific tariff tips

Thanks to smart meters, Simply Energy will provide tariff comparisons every 6 months to keep you informed of our best import energy deals available to you.

Stay on top of your solar

  • Peace of mind with monitoring and performance alerts
  • Benchmarking to improve your knowledge
  • Enhanced reporting on export volume and value
  • Tariff optimisation through the Tracker

Regular updates

Stay up to speed with your export and energy production with our regular reports and updates.


Anytime tracking

We’ll provide you with the same tracker across your entire solar system and let you know if we see a reduction in energy generation.

Solar benefits realised

Your benefits, your way. Choose from account credit, or recieve your credits via cheque.

Looking to get solar installed?

Find out how you can harness the power of solar in your home or business. It’s a lot simpler than you might think.