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Simply better together

Simply Energy is backed by ENGIE.
ENGIE is an independent power producer, with an ambition to become a world leader in the zero-carbon transition.

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Offsetting made simple

Sign up to one of Simply Energy’s carbon neutral energy plans and we’ll offset carbon emissions from your energy usage.

It’s not an option, add-on or app you’ll need to activate, so there’s nothing more you need to do, except feel good.

ENGIE is ambitious

ENGIE is supporting industry change by committing to lower carbon energy generation, renewables and energy-efficient solutions. ENGIE currently operates two wind farms in South Australia, with plans to develop two major solar farms across Queensland and New South Wales.

How ENGIE is delivering innovative energy solutions

Electric vehicles

ENGIE is supporting mass electric vehicle adoption, with plans to provide more than 100 new electric vehicle fast charging stations in Australia.

Renewable resources

Projects including rehabilitation and remediation of the former Hazelwood Power Station and Mine will return the site to a safe and sustainable condition. This opens up potential for future projects, to give back to the local community.

Wind farms

The 32 turbines at the Willogoleche Wind Farm in South Australia have a combined generation capacity of 119MW, giving Willogoleche the capability of powering 80,000 homes across the state.

Frequently asked questions

Who is ENGIE?

ENGIE is leading the way in decarbonisation, and pioneering the transition to a carbon neutral future, operating in over 70 countries across 5 continents. They aim to provide innovative, sustainable and affordable energy solutions for Australia.

What is ENGIE doing to acheive net zero emissions?

Globally, ENGIE is strengthening their commitment to decarbonisation with a target to reach net zero by 2045. They aim to do this through reduction of emissions per kWh produced compared with 2017, a 34% reduction of the emissions related to the use of products sold, and an increase in the share of renewables in the energy mix by 2030. They also plan to reduce and neutralise emissions related to working practices and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Further information about these targets can be found in their sustainability report.

What infrastructure is ENGIE invested in?

In Australia, ENGIE is focusing on diversifying their generation capacity and investing in renewable energy for the future. They have two operational wind farms in South Australia, with two solar farms in New South Wales and Queensland and the Hazelwood battery energy storage system in development and plans to build another in Dry Creek, South Australia. This is helping to stabilise the electricity grid in Victoria and South Australia.

When did ENGIE enter Australia?

Globally, ENGIE have been driving innovation for more than 180 years. They entered Australia in 2005 as significant investors in power assets and retail energy services. Today, ENGIE is involved in and operates renewable energy generation, battery storage systems and EV charging infrastructure.


Simply Energy is becoming ENGIE

The same great value you trust from Simply Energy with the benefits of being a global energy leader.

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