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Green initatives

We’re working hard to support the transition to renewable energy. Using smart technology, we provide simple and affordable energy solutions that you want and expect from us.

green initiatives

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Virtual Power Plants are smart energy sharing communities that reward participants for reducing pressure on the electricity grid. As a Simply Energy customer, you can maximise your solar and battery return on investment through our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

We’re rewarding our Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) customers with a Super Off-Peak Discount and bonus charging to thank them for choosing a vehicle that is gentler on the environment.

Solar energy plan with bonus feed-in tariff

Power your home with clean energy by installing solar for your home or business. By installing a new system with one of our trusted suppliers, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive solar energy plan called ‘Simply Energy Solar', which includes 24 months of a bonus feed-in tariff.

Hot Water Program

We’ve partnered with Solahart to bring eligible customers an exclusive Hot Water Program, meaning that you will be doing your bit to help reduce demand on the grid whilst being rewarded. See if you are eligible to participate, or get your hands on a Solahart system today.