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Want to know more about the programme?

What is demand response?

Demand response is the voluntary reduction or shift of electricity use by customers, which can help to keep the energy grid stable by balancing its supply and demand of electricity.

What is our Reduce & Reward programme?

Our Reduce & Reward programme is a simple way to reward yourself with a bill credit by voluntarily reducing your energy consumption when demand on the electricity grid is high.

What do I need to do?

During a peak demand event, reduce your electricity consumption on appliances you don’t need.

Do I have to participate if I’m registered?

No, you don’t have to participant in an event.

Do I need to install anything to participate?

No, there is nothing additional you need to purchase or install

How is my expected energy consumption calculated?

Your expected energy consumption is calculated by taking your average usage over the previous 10 days at the same time as the event and multiplying by a weather correction factor. If you participate in an event, we’ll determine at our absolute discretion the weather correction factor and whether you’re eligible for a credit.

What if I am not home when an event is on?

That’s okay, you don’t have to participate.

When will my bill credit be applied?

If you successfully reduce your energy consumption below your baseline, your $10 bill credit will be applied to your next bill. We won’t be able to apply the credit if your bill arrives in the same week as an event. In this case we will apply your credit to the following bill.

When will the credit be paid?

We will apply the credit to the next electricity bill after the event has finished.

How long does the programme last for?

This programme will run until the end of summer 2020 at this stage.

How long is an event?

Up to four hours

Who can join this programme?

Any residential Simply Energy electricity customer who has a smart meter and lives in Victoria

Is there a cutoff date for registering?

5pm Thursday 19th December 2019

Why should I get involved?

You’ll be helping to reduce the demand on the grid during periods of high demand. You will also receive a $10 bill credit if you reduce your power consumption by 10% below your expected energy consumption during a peak demand event.

Can solar customers participate?

Yes you can.

What time of the days are the events likely to happen?

10am - 10pm Monday to Sunday.

If I move house, can I still participate?

Unfortunately we need 10 days of historical energy data to calculate your baseline, so you will no longer be able to participate.