Simply Extra VPP Offers

Our SA Simply Extra VPP offers are embracing the future of energy.

If you are considering or have recently purchased an eligible energy storage system under the South Australia Home Battery Scheme through one of our specificied installers you could be eligible for up to $5,100* in VPP Access Credits.

Are you eligible?

There are some unique features and requirements for the Simply Extra VPP offers.

To access this offer you need to agree to us monitoring, controlling and managing your energy storage system for a 3 year period.  In return we will provide you with VPP Access Credits. To access these credits, you must meet and continue to meet various requirements including you must:

Have an energy storage system on our list of eligible systems that was installed, by an installer on our list of specified installers

Live in South Australia in the areas where this offer is available

Have a solar PV system with a min 3kW inverter size

Have a reliable internet connection

Have a smart meter or be willing to have one installed

Energy Plans

These plans are for Residential customers only. Not available all areas.
We are really pleased to inform you that your contract and energy plan are ongoing – which means any benefits and their associated terms and conditions are ongoing. If there is a need to end this, we will give you 20 business days notice. And of course you can let us know if you want to exit at any time.
Any credit(s) include GST and will be credited to your account on or before your anniversary or your first gas bill depending on your energy plan.

Standing Offer

You may also be able to access our Standing Offer. For more information on our Standing Offer please call 13 88 08.

*The VPP Access Credit will be calculated on a daily basis at $7 per day, to a maximum of $5,100 and credited to your account monthly over the 3 year contract period provided you meet the terms and conditions

^Plans are available to eligible customers in South Australia. Not available all areas. If you are an existing customer, the rates may not be the same as the rates of your current offer.Terms and conditions apply.

VPP Unique features

  • Unique features and requirements
  • Specified installers
  • Eligible energy storage systems


  • What is VPP?
  • How will Simply Energy use my energy storage system and will it always be available to me?
  • What will happen during a blackout?
  • I have a reliable internet connection with good speeds on 3G/4G, why do I need to have a fixed internet connection?
  • How can I be sure you won’t discharge my battery daily and force me to pay the rates from the market when I need energy at night?
  • Why is the contact energy plan for 3 years when the credit at $7 equates to 2 years?
  • What happens at the end of my energy plan ?
  • Do I get a special feed in rate on the VPP?