S.M.A.R.T Storage

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Our S.M.A.R.T Storage offer combines a subsidised energy storage system and a great electricity deal.

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Introducing S.M.A.R.T Storage

A subsidy of about 35% on an estimated market cost

Tesla Powerwall 2: $7,299*

15% off usage charges when you pay on time

*including standard installation with full home backup and supporting hardware

Are you eligible?

If you live in South Australia you may be eligible for S.M.A.R.T Storage if you:

Own your own home

Live within 100kms of the Adelaide CBD

Have a fully functioning solar PV system

Have a reliable internet connection

Have a smart meter or will have one installed

S.M.A.R.T Storage FAQs

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  • Is Simply Energy’s S.M.A.R.T Storage funded by a government agency?
  • How will Simply Energy use my energy storage system and will it always be available to me?
  • What will happen during a blackout?

* Source: www.arena.gov.au/blog/rooftopsolar/

1This activity received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Programme. Offer available to eligible customers in South Australia who have a fully functioning solar PV system and reliable internet connection. Not available all areas. Pay on time discount only applies to the usage component of our market contract rates and does not apply to other charges such as supply charges. If you are an existing customer, the rates may not be the same as the rates of your current offer. 5 year commitment is required. The price of the storage system, including standard installation and supporting hardware, is subject to change. Full terms and conditions and energy price fact sheet available by calling 1800 290 773.