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6 ways to get ready for the big chill

Mar 20, 2019, 15:10 PM by User Not Found
Our pick of energy efficient choices this Autumn which could help you save money in the long term.

Our pick of energy efficient choices this Autumn which could help you save money in the long term.

After the heat of summer, preparing for cooler weather may be the last thing on your mind. But chillier months are on their way and before they arrive, here’s a list of ways to get your home ready for when the mercury starts to drop.

Get ahead in the shower

You already know shorter showers are a great way to cut back on the energy needed to heat litres of water. But let’s face it - giving up long hot showers is the last thing many of us want to do. Instead, install a water efficient shower head. The less water you use, the less energy you’ll likely need to heat it up.

Warm up the heater

There’s a good chance your aircon has been working overdrive to help keep your home cool for the last few months. Autumn is the perfect time to get it serviced so it’s up to the task of efficiently keeping your home warm and toasty come mid-year. And when you reach for the remote, remember that every degree you lower the temperature could knock up to 10% off your unit’s energy use.

Do laundry while the sun shines

Need to freshen up your winter bedding and wardrobe? Avoid relying on the energy-draining dryer for heavy-duty jumpers, blankets and doonas by taking advantage of the lovely autumn sunshine by getting that bulky laundry out of the way now.

Flip the switch

Ceiling fans aren’t just for hot summer days! As the weather cools down, adjust your fan setting to have it operating in reverse mode. This will push rising warm air downwards to take the chilly edge off in the colder months, complementing your heating system. 

Activate the microwave

You may already know that using a slow cooker instead of the oven is a great way to cut back on energy use in the kitchen, but you may not know that the humble microwave - another low-energy appliance - can be used to cook all sorts of goodies. Start trying out hearty soups, creamy pastas and fudgy chocolate treats, because this handy gadget could be a tasty way to cut back on energy usage in the cooler months.

Manage your power

Shorter days and colder nights mean your lights are on for longer and you’re spending more time at home on your devices. Stay on top of your energy use with a smart plug. This discreet addition to your home can schedule lights and appliances to switch off and track the consumption of potential energy guzzlers like space heaters, among other energy-saving tasks.

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