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Previous winners

Quarter 1

Z. Ruan, New South Wales

A. M. Lengjel, New South Wales

L. Hammond, New South Wales

S. Brewer, Victoria

Domestic Fire Sprinklers Pty. Ltd., Victoria

A. McCormick, Victoria

Australia Himalayan Foundation Ltd., New South Wales

J. Mihsill, Victoria

S. Regotia, New South Wales

A. Lisniani, Western Australia

Quarter 1

R. Garrett, South Australia

N. Touzeau, Victoria

M. Pascoe, Victoria

A. Best, South Australia

K. Acht, Victoria

D. Jovanovic, Victoria

D. Geddes, Victoria

D. Miller, Victoria

S. Jolly, Victoria

N. Korosec, Western Australia

Quarter 2

S. Ashton, New South Wales

G. Narara, Victoria

E. Lam, Victoria

E. Burnell, Victoria

P. Balk, Victoria

O. Novac, Victoria

J. Dietzsch, Victoria

K. Phayer, Victoria

A. Slater, Victoria

T. Mcgilvray, New South Wales

Quarter 3

M. Lonie, Victoria

S. Barkho, Victoria

D. Sutherland, Victoria

F. May, New South Australia

J. Snudden, South Australia

T. Margitich, South Australia

S. Williams, South Australia

J. Olijnyk, Victoria

M. Goodvach, Victoria

K. Doliniec, Victoria

Quarter 4

N. Mchenry, Victoria

T. Pendlebury, Victoria

J. Martin, South Australia

C. Savage, Victoria

S. Hutcheon, Victoria

F. Vitch, Victoria

K. Jarred, Victoria

W. Garrihy, Victoria

P. Lidyard, Victoria

B. Wandin, South Australia

Quarter 1

P. Clements, Victoria

N. Grant, Victoria

B. Sneddon, South Australia

H. Mitchell, Victoria

G. Gianchino, Victoria

P. Hensman, South Australia

T. Jemminges, South Australia

J. Gray, Victoria

W. Bengston, Queensland 

J. Foster, New South Wales

Quarter 2

T. Rowley, South Australia

J. Boyson, Victoria

M. Hicks, Victoria

J. Hand, New South Wales

D. Cocchiaro, South Australia

J. Larsen, Queensland

N. Barbatiello, Victoria

G. Duff, Victoria

C. Killaly, Victoria

T. Daley, New South Wales

Quarter 3

N. Dranganoudis, New South Wales

L. Coad, Victoria

B. Miller, Victoria

S. Hynes, Victoria

K. Rowley, New South Wales

M. Di Paolo, Victoria

K. Ferguson, Victoria

M. Kuzmiuk, Victoria

A. McGregor, South Australia

P. Mooney, New South Wales

Quarter 4

S. Singh, New South Wales

S. Dabadghav, New South Wales

Dalys Transport Maffra PTY. LTD., Victoria

M. Harms, Victoria

H. Blomgren, New South Wales

C. Norman, Victoria

P. Hancock, South Australia

A. Edsell, Victoria

J. Rankine, South Australia

B. Smith, Western Australia

Quarter 1

V. Shields, Victoria

P. Flude, South Australia

T. Simpson, Queensland

M. Batty, New South Wales

A. Franzi, South Australia

K. Ladell, Victoria

S. Bonaventure, South Australia

S. Thiele, Victoria

N. Gentile, Victoria

D. Ionannidis, Victoria

Quarter 2

K. Long, Victoria

B. Parsons, South Australia

A. Baker, Queensland

R. Bhutta, New South Wales

K. Buttery, South Australia

J. Cresswell, Victoria

P. Whyte, South Australia

D. Leslie, Victoria

M. Jovanovski, Victoria

S. Newman, Victoria

Quarter 3

P. Blundsen, South Australia

K. Murch, South Australia

J. Doyle, Victoria

E. Woollatt, South Australia

M. Lewis, Victoria

J. Thenabdu, Victoria

S. Mullins, Queensland

A. Willard, New South Wales

M. Duve. Victoria

S. Sasidharan, Victoria

Quarter 4

P. Taylor, Victoria

M. Nagayama, Victoria

R. Lovelock, Victoria

J. Bentley, Victoria

M. Shinnick, South Australia

A. Callum, Victoria

M. Dolphin, Victoria

C. Doran, South Australia

E. Dutch, New South Wales

G. Kyter, Queensland

Quarter 1

R. Reichel, New South Wales

S. Dominic, South Australia

L. Rodricks, Victoria

T. Kelly, Queensland

P. Moffatt, South Australia

J. Grant, Victoria

H. Singh, Victoria

M. Towicz, Victoria

Quarter 2

J. Thomas, Victoria

R. Atkins, New South Wales

J. Revalk, South Australia

G. Smith, Queensland

M. Bingham, Victoria

T. Howe, Victoria

M. Shegog, Victoria

S. Roach, South Australia

D. Barbaro, Victoria

L. Dec, South Australia

Quarter 3

R. McGregor, New South Wales

P. Diggle, South Australia

B. Hush, Queensland

The Small Things Co. Victoria

S. Dixon, South Australia

B. Conduit, Victoria

M. Ilsley, Victoria

R. Menadue, South Australia

D. Staindl, Victoria

K. Edwards, Victoria

N. Harrison, Western Australia

Quarter 4

M.  Amatya, New South Wales

J. Scalia, Queensland

A. Martan Angel, Western Australia

S. Stainer, South Australia

B. Dober, Victoria

J. Charles, Victoria

J. Jamieson, South Australia

P. Michael, South Australia

L. Bishop, Victoria

R. Butler, South Australia

Quarter 1

T. Delphin, Victoria

T. Fromm, South Australia

S. Starr, Queensland

I. Gridiger, New South Wales

Geelong Authorised Newsagency, Victoria

B. White, South Australia

R. Miller, Victoria

H. Pavlidis, Victoria

I. Exell, Victoria

J. Newgrain, South Australia

Quarter 2

R. Dow, Victoria

B. O’Connor, South Australia

A. Shipton, Queensland

R. Barber, New South Wales

I. Salna, Victoria

S. Berry, Victoria

J. Butterley, Victoria

S. Vossding, Victoria

J. O’Brien, South Australia

K. Shore, Victoria

Quarter 3

C. Kelly, Victoria

K. Kris, South Australia

R. Forte-Castelli, Queensland

N. Funnell, New South Wales

C. Stankevicius, South Australia

M. Bowen, Victoria

G. Morony, South Australia

A. Mollica, Victoria

R. Kirwan, Victoria

A. Smith, Victoria

Quarter 4

A. Morgera, Victoria

A. Cooper, South Australia

A. Burgess, Queensland

J. Wood, New South Wales

L. Fiesley, Victoria

E. Chapman, Victoria

K. Holmes, Victoria

N. Svendsen, Victoria

G. Hubble, Victoria

Aus Iron Industries, Victoria


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