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Simply Thanks

Just for being a Simply Energy customer you could win a $500 EFTPOS gift card


Our Simply Thanks draw is easy as you are automatically in the running to win for each account you have with us each quarter in 2020.

You can also gain extra entries if you sign up for ebilling or register for direct debit. Rest assured if you already have, these extra entries will be applied. We also want to reward your loyalty, therefore the longer you have been with us the more bonus entries you will get.

How many entries am I eligible for?

Per account

Register for direct debit

Sign up for ebilling

Customer for 0 - 1 year

Customer for 1 - 2 years

Customer for 2 - 3 years

Customer for 3 - 4 years

Customer for 5+ Years

So how does it work?

Here's an example:

If you have both your gas and electricity accounts with us and you've been a customer for 2-3 years, you will have a total of 5 entries. If you then register both of your accounts for ebilling you will gain another two entries for a total of 7 entries each quarter.

*1 x prize for RACV members, 1 x prize for RAA members, 1 x prize for RACQ members, 1 x prize for NRMA members; and 6 x prizes from all remaining entries.

Previous winners

Recipients of Simply Thanks are drawn on a quarterly basis, here are the Simply Energy customers who have won in competitions past.

Quarter 1

R. Garrett, South Australia

N. Touzeau, Victoria

M. Pascoe, Victoria

A. Best, South Australia

K. Acht, Victoria

D. Jovanovic, Victoria

D. Geddes, Victoria

D. Miller, Victoria

S. Jolly, Victoria

N. Korosec, Western Australia

Quarter 2

S. Ashton, New South Wales

G. Narara, Victoria

E. Lam, Victoria

E. Burnell, Victoria

P. Balk, Victoria

O. Novac, Victoria

J. Dietzsch, Victoria

K. Phayer, Victoria

A. Slater, Victoria

T. Mcgilvray, New South Wales

Quarter 3

T. Margitich, South Australia

F. May, New South Australia

J. Olijnyk, Victoria

M. Lonie, Victoria

S. Barkho, Victoria

S. Williams, South Australia

D. Sutherland, Victoria

J. Snudden, South Australia

K. Doak, Victoria

D. Mootoosamy, Victoria


Quarter 1

P. Clements, Victoria

N. Grant, Victoria

B. Sneddon, South Australia

H. Mitchell, Victoria

G. Gianchino, Victoria

P. Hensman, South Australia

T. Jemminges, South Australia

J. Gray, Victoria

W. Bengston, Queensland 

J. Foster, New South Wales

Quarter 2

T. Rowley, South Australia

J. Boyson, Victoria

M. Hicks, Victoria

J. Hand, New South Wales

D. Cocchiaro, South Australia

J. Larsen, Queensland

N. Barbatiello, Victoria

G. Duff, Victoria

C. Killaly, Victoria

T. Daley, New South Wales

Quarter 3

N. Dranganoudis, New South Wales

L. Coad, Victoria

B. Miller, Victoria

S. Hynes, Victoria

K. Rowley, New South Wales

M. Di Paolo, Victoria

K. Ferguson, Victoria

M. Kuzmiuk, Victoria

A. McGregor, South Australia

P. Mooney, New South Wales

Quarter 4

S. Singh, New South Wales

S. Dabadghav, New South Wales

Dalys Transport Maffra PTY. LTD., Victoria

M. Harms, Victoria

H. Blomgren, New South Wales

C. Norman, Victoria

P. Hancock, South Australia

A. Edsell, Victoria

J. Rankine, South Australia

B. Smith, Western Australia

Quarter 1

V. Shields, Victoria

P. Flude, South Australia

T. Simpson, Queensland

M. Batty, New South Wales

A. Franzi, South Australia

K. Ladell, Victoria

S. Bonaventure, South Australia

S. Thiele, Victoria

N. Gentile, Victoria

D. Ionannidis, Victoria

Quarter 2

K. Long, Victoria

B. Parsons, South Australia

A. Baker, Queensland

R. Bhutta, New South Wales

K. Buttery, South Australia

J. Cresswell, Victoria

P. Whyte, South Australia

D. Leslie, Victoria

M. Jovanovski, Victoria

S. Newman, Victoria

Quarter 3

P. Blundsen, South Australia

K. Murch, South Australia

J. Doyle, Victoria

E. Woollatt, South Australia

M. Lewis, Victoria

J. Thenabdu, Victoria

S. Mullins, Queensland

A. Willard, New South Wales

M. Duve. Victoria

S. Sasidharan, Victoria

Quarter 4

P. Taylor, Victoria

M. Nagayama, Victoria

R. Lovelock, Victoria

J. Bentley, Victoria

M. Shinnick, South Australia

A. Callum, Victoria

M. Dolphin, Victoria

C. Doran, South Australia

E. Dutch, New South Wales

G. Kyter, Queensland

Quarter 1

R. Reichel, New South Wales

S. Dominic, South Australia

L. Rodricks, Victoria

T. Kelly, Queensland

P. Moffatt, South Australia

J. Grant, Victoria

H. Singh, Victoria

M. Towicz, Victoria

Quarter 2

J. Thomas, Victoria

R. Atkins, New South Wales

J. Revalk, South Australia

G. Smith, Queensland

M. Bingham, Victoria

T. Howe, Victoria

M. Shegog, Victoria

S. Roach, South Australia

D. Barbaro, Victoria

L. Dec, South Australia

Quarter 3

R. McGregor, New South Wales

P. Diggle, South Australia

B. Hush, Queensland

The Small Things Co. Victoria

S. Dixon, South Australia

B. Conduit, Victoria

M. Ilsley, Victoria

R. Menadue, South Australia

D. Staindl, Victoria

K. Edwards, Victoria

N. Harrison, Western Australia

Quarter 4

M.  Amatya, New South Wales

J. Scalia, Queensland

A. Martan Angel, Western Australia

S. Stainer, South Australia

B. Dober, Victoria

J. Charles, Victoria

J. Jamieson, South Australia

P. Michael, South Australia

L. Bishop, Victoria

R. Butler, South Australia

Quarter 1

T. Delphin, Victoria

T. Fromm, South Australia

S. Starr, Queensland

I. Gridiger, New South Wales

Geelong Authorised Newsagency, Victoria

B. White, South Australia

R. Miller, Victoria

H. Pavlidis, Victoria

I. Exell, Victoria

J. Newgrain, South Australia

Quarter 2

R. Dow, Victoria

B. O’Connor, South Australia

A. Shipton, Queensland

R. Barber, New South Wales

I. Salna, Victoria

S. Berry, Victoria

J. Butterley, Victoria

S. Vossding, Victoria

J. O’Brien, South Australia

K. Shore, Victoria

Quarter 3

C. Kelly, Victoria

K. Kris, South Australia

R. Forte-Castelli, Queensland

N. Funnell, New South Wales

C. Stankevicius, South Australia

M. Bowen, Victoria

G. Morony, South Australia

A. Mollica, Victoria

R. Kirwan, Victoria

A. Smith, Victoria

Quarter 4

A. Morgera, Victoria

A. Cooper, South Australia

A. Burgess, Queensland

J. Wood, New South Wales

L. Fiesley, Victoria

E. Chapman, Victoria

K. Holmes, Victoria

N. Svendsen, Victoria

G. Hubble, Victoria

Aus Iron Industries, Victoria

"WOW, you guys are awesome, Thanks!"

K. Holmes

"Amazing! This has made a big difference for us. Thank you." 

R. Dow

"Well that’s fantastic. Thank you very much." 


"Absolutely fabulous, thank you so much!" 

T. Delphin

"Well isn’t that marvellous. Thank you I appreciated it."

R. Miller

"Oh that’s wonderful. Thank you very much." 

I. Gridiger

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