VPP Terms and Conditions


These Virtual Power Plant Terms and Conditions apply in addition to the obligations set out in the Contract Terms and Conditions, during the VPP benefit period.

You agree to make the electricity in your battery facility available to us.



Virtual Power Plant Access Credit

We agree to pay you  a VPP Access Credit, calculated on a daily basis at $7 (excluding GST) per day, over the VPP benefit period to a maximum of:

  • $1,275 (excluding GST),

      if you have installed an eligible sonnenbatterie or a Varta battery; or  

  • $2.550 (excluding GST),

    if you have installed an eligible Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge/LG Chem or Eguana battery, or

  • $5,100 (excluding GST),

if you have installed an eligible energy storage and received a confirmation letter from us confirming this VPP Access Credit amount.

provided that:

•  our communication with your energy storage system is reliable and continuous;

•  you are continuing to comply with the Eligibility Criteria; and

•  this contract has not ended.


The payment of the VPP Access Credit will not commence until:

•  the VPP benefit period has started;

•  you have met all of the Eligibility Criteria;

•  you have provided the following information to us by email

(at the email address we nominate):

-  documents that show that you have purchased and installed an eligible solar PV system (showing the size of the inverter) and an eligible energy storage system (showing the necessary criteria are met);

-  a copy of the Certificate of Compliance for your energy storage system; and

-  any information about the energy storage system reasonably required by us (including the serial numbers or other identification numbers);

•  we have commenced reliable and continuous communication with your energy storage system.

After the payment of the VPP Access Credit commences it will be provided to you as follows:

a. it will be credited to your account monthly; and

b. it will be shown as a credit amount on each bill (provided the amount is not zero).

If the total credit balance of your account is greater than $50 (excluding GST) at the end of each quarter, then when we process your next bill we will transfer that balance to your bank account (being the same account you have given us in the Direct Debit Payment Agreement).

At our discretion, and upon prior notice to you, we may stop paying the VPP Access Credit if a reliable and continuous communications connection to your energy storage system is lost for 10 business days or longer. We will not recommence paying the VPP Access Credit to you until communications is re-established.



Participation in the Virtual Power Plant


Management and control


You agree:

•  to us monitoring, controlling and managing your energy storage system in accordance with this contract;

•  we may, from time to time, at our discretion:

-  draw electricity to your battery facility from your solar PV

system, the national electricity grid or the distribution network;

-  store electricity in your battery facility;

-  discharge electricity from your battery facility, whether to your premises, to a supply point in the distribution network, or to the national electricity grid; or

-  set the operating mode of the battery facility;

•  that we may engage third party providers to do any of the activities described in this contract on our behalf (including without limitation, to operate, or assist to operate, the Virtual Power Plant).

You agree, if the manufacturer of your battery facility has restrictions on how the battery facility may be operated as part of a Virtual Power Plant, we will operate your battery facility in accordance to those restrictions provided that you or the manufacturer has drawn that to our attention.

You agree, that if we draw electricity to your battery facility from the national electricity grid or your distributors distribution network that electricity will form part of your electricity usage for the purposes

of the calculation of your charges. We agree that the total of these

draws of electricity during each year of your VPP benefit period will not exceed 400 kWh.


Your Obligations


You must not permit anyone other than us to control your energy storage system.

During the VPP benefit period, you must:

•  ensure that your energy storage system is properly functioning and connected to the internet connection at all times;

•  not interfere with or override in any way the activities described in this contract (including, without limitation, by using any third party software applications and tools to modify or alter any settings or features, or to select the operating mode, in connection with your energy storage system);

•  if we provide you with an instruction to ensure that your operation of the battery facility is in compliance with this contract, including to select the operating mode, promptly comply with our instruction; and

•  otherwise continue to meet the Eligibility Criteria.


If your eligible energy storage system is a sonnenBatterie, you agree:

•  to us installing, at our cost, a VPP enablement device, in your premises;

•  that we will retain ownership of the VPP enablement device and that it does not form part of your energy storage system; and

•  upon us giving you reasonable written notice, to allow us access to your premises, at our cost, to inspect, adjust, exchange or remove the VPP enablement device at any time.

If any material is developed or created under this contract or in the course of providing the energy management solutions to you, we will own all rights, including any intellectual property, in that material. You agree to assign your rights in such materials to us

on their creation. Maintenance You agree to:

•  regularly monitor the energy storage system to ensure that

it is operating and storing solar power;

•  take all reasonable steps, at your cost, to ensure that the energy storage system is in good working order at all times and able

to reliably and continuously communicate with us;

•  maintain the energy storage system in a safe condition and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant manufacturer, the Clean Energy Council and the distribution network;

•  ensure that any work on the energy storage system and equipment (to the extent required by law), and any associated work at your premises, is done by appropriately qualified electricians; and

•  keep all vegetation, structures and vehicles at your premises

clear of the energy storage system.


Specific Notice


You must give us 20 business days’ notice if:

•  you will cease to meet any of the Eligibility Criteria (for example, if you will move premises); or

•  there will or is likely to be a change to the generating capacity of your battery facility, solar PV system or any other associated equipment (for example, if you need to repair, remove or modify any component of the energy storage system).



You agree to make available to us or consent to us obtaining, information relating to the amount of electricity stored in your battery facility and any other information necessary for us to evaluate or perform the services described in this contract.

You acknowledge that the energy management solutions may capture data that will be owned by, and transmitted to, us.

You agree:

•  to this ownership and transmission; and

•  that we may use and share this data however we see fit, including for the purposes of disclosing it to any third party associated with the provision of energy management solutions (including our related bodies corporate and any personnel

of us and our related bodies corporate, your distributor and government agencies),

and that your agreement will continue to apply to any data received before or after the VPP benefit period.

You acknowledge that government agencies may make data available to the public in connection with any agreements or funding arrangements between us and that government agency, and we have no liability for that publication.

Where we exchange data and personal information about you with third party providers you agree that in the event of a privacy breach by an overseas recipient, we will not be accountable for that recipient under Australia’s Privacy Act and you may not

be able to seek redress under the Privacy Act.