Simply Extra VPP Offers

Our SA Simply Extra VPP offers are embracing the future of energy.

If you are considering or have recently purchased an eligible energy storage system under the South Australia Home Battery Scheme through one of our specificied installers you could be eligible for up to $5,100* in VPP Access Credits.

Please see below for a list of eligible energy storage systems and specified installers.

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Plans are available to eligible customers in South Australia. Not available all areas. Pay on time discount only applies to the usage component of our market contract rates and does not apply to other charges such as supply charges. If you are an existing customer, the rates may not be the same as the rates of your current offer. Terms and conditions apply.

*The VPP Access Credit will be calculated on a daily basis at $3.49 per day, to a maximum of $5,100 and credited to your account monthly over the 5 year contract period provided you meet the terms and conditions

There are some unique features and requirements for the Simply Extra VPP offers.

  1. To access this offer you need to sign up online and agree to us monitoring, controlling and managing your energy storage system for a 5 year period.  In return we will provide you with VPP Access Credits.  To access these credits you must meet and continue to meet various requirements including you must:
    1. Have installed at your home:
      1. a smart meter;
      2. a solar PV system (with a minimum 3 kW inverter size);
      3. an energy storage system that is on our list of eligible systems that was installed by an installer on our list of specified installers after 29 October 2018; and
      4. an available, continuous and reliable internet connection to which your energy storage system is connected (and it must not be a Satellite NBN nor a 3G/4G internet connection);
    2. Provide us with the documentation we require to verify the details of your solar PV system and energy storage system that we require;
    3. Live in South Australia in the areas where this offer is available.
  2. If we draw electricity to your energy storage system that electricity will form part of your electricity usage for the purposes of the calculation of your charges.  The total of these draws of electricity during each year of your fixed benefit period will not exceed 400 kWh.
  3. For full details see the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Terms and Conditions.

Specified installers

  1. Class A Energy Solutions
    (08) 8391 4853 or 1800 997 979
  2. Cool or cosy
    (08) 8352 5588
  3. Tindo Solar
    1300 846 367

Eligible energy storage systems

LG Chem/SolarEdge
  1. AC Coupled SolarEdge HD Wave SE5000H-AUSACNNN2 coupled with the LG Chem RESU10H-R
Eguana Evolve
  1. Eguana Evolve 0513
Sonnen eco
  1. sonnenBatterie eco 8.0/10*
  2. sonnenBatterie eco 8.0/12*
  3. sonnenBatterie eco 8.0/14*
  4. sonnenBatterie eco 8.2/10*
  5. sonnenBatterie eco 8.2/12*
  6. sonnenBatterie eco 8.2/14*
  7. sonnenBatterie eco 9.43/12.5*
  8. sonnenBatterie eco 9.43/15*