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Great tips and tricks if you believe your solar is not working correctly

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Has your lifestyle changed?

Have you recently had a baby, retired or simply spending more time at home? If so, this could explain why you are exporting less as you are home longer to consume your solar generation.

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What is above?

Simply having a quick look at your solar panels could solve low or no performance issues easily. Do your panels look dirty? Is there dust or grime, bird droppings or tree sap covering them? If so, this could be reducing the performance of your panels. Consider contacting a cleaning service such as 1800 318 232 who can clean the panels for you.

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Is there too much shade?

Is the surrounding environment different to when your panels were first installed? Did your neighbours add an extension or a new story? Or perhaps a tree has outgrown its welcome? If it’s the latter, simply call an arborist and they can trim the tree back so your panels can start producing again.

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What colour is the inverter light?

If you haven’t looked at the inverter in a while it may be worth checking it out during the day. A green light will tell you the system is functioning properly whereas a orange or red light are worth further investigation. You can check for an error message, refer to the user manual or visit the inverter manufacturers website

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How much should they be producing anyway?

Not convinced your solar panels are generating as much energy as they should be? Refer to your owner’s manual which should display the estimated prediction for each month of the year. Then compare this with the actual output readings.

If all else fails

If your system is no longer under warranty or your installer and inverter manufacturer are no longer in business, and you are within 100km of a capital city, contact SkyGreen* who can complete a System Health Check from as little as $250. Otherwise call a reputable local solar installer such as a member of the Clean Energy Council

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*We may receive a commission from SkyGreen for any services they provide to you in relation this solar monitoring checklist.