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Join our Hot Water Program

You’ll be doing your bit to help reduce demand on the grid whilst being rewarded at the same time when you join Simply Energy.

The benefits

If you live in South Australia, you could receive up to $424 in bonus bill credits. Take a look at our Hot Water Program offers below or simply read on to discover further information and eligibility criteria. And, if you're an RAA Member, we have an exclusive offer for you.

How it works

Making the move to a smart hot water heater makes sense economically and couldn't be simpler.

A Solahart smart hot water system not only ensures you'll have hot water when you need it most, it's also flexible enough to work with Simply Energy to charge up your hot water when there is the least demand on the local electricity network.

The rewards

Whether you're a new or existing Simply Energy customer, our Hot Water Program is a simple way to be rewarded by earning up to $424 in bill credits over two years.

You'll receive approximately $13.50 a month in bill credits and a $100 credit when you join the program online within two weeks of having your Solahart hot water system installed. That's up to $424 in bill credits over 2 years.

Want to know how we calculate your credit amount?

Are you eligible?

Credits are only made available if –at all times during the Access Benefit Period– you are:

  • Are a South Australian residential customer
  • Have an eligible Hot Water System installed at your premises
  • Have a smart meter installed at your premises or agree to have one installed
  • Have an available, continuous and reliable internet connection
  • You own and live in your Premises 

You can view the full eligibility criteria within our terms and conditions

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our Hot Water Program,
give our friendly team a call on 1800 370 620.

Ready to get started?

  • Ensure that you’re eligible.
  • Select the right offer for you from the options below.
  • Sign on bonus and credits will be added onto your next bill.

Join our Hot Water Program today with one of these great offers.

There’s no lock-in contract and you can opt out at any time.

Any questions? Check out our FAQs or read the T&Cs.

Frequently asked questions

How will simply energy use my hot water service?

Simply Energy will manage your hot water system through a software platform. Simply Energy may at any time turn on or turn off your hot water system to optimise the commercial benefit or support the grid. When Simply Energy needs to do this we will always ensure you have enough hot water.

How is the Hot Water Program Access Credit Calculated?

The Hot Water Program Access Credit will be calculated as an average daily rate of approximately $13.50 per month over the Access Benefit Period of 24 months and credited to your account per calendar month on a prorated basis, provided you continue to meet the terms and conditions. The total value of these credits and your online signup credit of $100 will not exceed $424.

Do I get a special feed in rate on the Hot Water Program?

If you are considering installing a Hot Water System, the objective will be to use as much of your solar PV generation as possible, any generation that you cannot use may be fed into the grid at standard feed in rates

Why do I need to have a Smart Meter to be eligible?

Smart Meters allow you to see your energy usage in a timely manner. They also provide Simply Energy and your distributor (SAPN) the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the feed in and draw on the network whilst also being able to optimise the efficiency of your hot water system remotely. Without having a Smart Meter or agreeing to have one installed, unfortunately customers are not eligible for this program.

How can I find out whether my suburb / postcode is one of the eligible areas of South Australia?

Essentially most postcodes and suburbs / towns in South Australia are eligible, however to be sure it is always best to either go online and enter your address to validate eligibility before signing up. You can also call the dedicated Hot Water Program hotline number (1800 370 620) to check your eligibility. 

Will I be charged any exit fees if I change energy plans or companies?

The energy plans being offered as part of this program are an ongoing agreement for the supply of electricity and / or gas. You are welcome to change plans at any time. If you leave within the first 2 years of the agreement, the Hot Water Program Access Credit will cease being applied to your energy bill from the day you notify us that you are exiting the agreement. You will not be charged any exit fees if you do decide to leave Simply Energy.

I have purchased a Solahart Powerstore hot water heater and I have Solar PV System. What is my tariff structure?

If you have a Solahart Powerstore water heater, you’ll be moved to a Time of Use tariff based structure. This way you’ll get the most benefit out of your solar generation by powering your hot water system during the day. For customers that have a separate controlled load, this will remain on a Time of Use Controlled Load tariff.

I have purchased a Solahart Powerstore water heater. What is my tariff structure?

If you have a Solahart Powerstore hot water heater, you’ll be on a single rate or Time of Use tariff structure for your typical usage and a Time of Use Controlled Load tariff when using your Solahart Powerstore hot water heater. This is to ensure that you’re benefiting from lower energy pricing when solar grid generation is at its peak during the day.

Select the right offer for you

Have you checked if you’re eligible?

The sign on bonus and credits will be added onto your next bills.

Terms & conditions

Offer available on eligible Solahart Hot Water Systems installed at your premises.
For SA residential homeowners who have smart meters installed and a reliable internet connection only (see T&Cs for further details). Ongoing contract and energy plan, until you or we end it. Basic Plan Information Documents are available at 
Any credit(s) include GST and will be credited to your account on your first electricity bill.  Bonus credits calculated as a daily average over the two year benefit period up to a total value of $360 and will be credited to your account per calendar month on a pro-rated basis. This Project received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program, and from the SA Government as part of the Demand Management Trials Program.