Reduce & Reward - T&C

Terms & Conditions for the Reduce and Reward Programme

To be part of the Reduce and Reward Program (“Program”) you need to agree to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are between IPower Pty Ltd (ACN 111 267 228) and IPower 2 Pty Limited (ABN 24 070 374 293) trading as Simply Energy (ABN 67 269 241 237) (referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) and you.

1. Participation

To participate in this Program you need to:
  • (a) be a Simply Energy residential customer in Victoria and have been billable for at least 2 months;
  • (b) have a smart meter;
  • (c) register for Program via []; and
  • (d) not be or live with someone where it would be harmful to turn off certain appliances (e.g. someone who has life support equipment, someone with a physical underlying medical condition which may be impacted by turning off appliances or someone who may be adversely affected by reducing their electricity usage).
    • 2. Reward

      • (a) If you participate in the Program, during a peak demand event you may be invited by us to reduce your energy usage for a certain period of time (up to a maximum of four hours) (“Event”). You’re under no obligation to participate in an Event.
      • (b) If you reduce your electricity usage by more than 10% from what we expect your energy usage to be during an Event, we’ll reward you with a $10 (including GST) credit on your next electricity bill after the Event. Your expected energy usage is calculated by taking your average usage over your previous 10 days at the same time as the Event and multiplying it by a weather correction factor. If you participate in an Event, we’ll determine at our absolute discretion the weather correction factor and whether you’re eligible for a credit and let you know. If the Event is on a weekday, the expected usage is calculated by averaging consumption over the previous 10 weekdays.

      3. Ending your participation in the Program

      • (a) If you no longer want to participate in the Program you can let us know by replying ‘STOP’ to the Program SMS.
      • (b) We may end the Program at any time by letting you know.

      4. Liability

      • (a) You’re solely responsible for deciding whether to reduce your electricity usage during an Event, including whether there is any potential impact to someone’s health or whether any appliances or devices will be impacted by reducing your electricity usage.
      • (b) To the extent permitted by law, we’ll not be liable to you for any damage, claim or loss arising directly or indirectly from your participation in the Program or an Event, including, but not limited to, any indirect or consequential loss.