Reduce & Reward - Tips

Energy saving tips to help you reduce your energy

Air Conditioner

Split system air con can use as much as 2kWh of energy every hour. Simply closing windows and blinds will help keep your place cool or turn your air con up between 24 – 27 degrees. Also, you can precool your house in the lead up to the event, then switch your aircon to fan mode.


Turning off 4 halogen down lights during a peak demand period can reduce usage by 0.2kWh. During the day try to use natural light as much as possible.


Not running your dishwasher during a peak demand event could reduce usage. Simply wash them by hand or run a cycle later at night.


Standby mode can use up to 10% of your electricity bill. Turn off your TV at the power switch when its not in use. Making sure your TV is not in direct sunlight can also reduce your energy bill.


Simply turning off your computer when its not in use can save on your energy bill. Some other energy saving tips are not using a screen saver, turning off your monitor or reducing your screen brightness.

Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryers use a lot of energy! Hanging your clothes outside can not only dry your clothes but fresh air and sunshine can help kill bacteria.

Washing Machine

Delay doing your washing until after the peak event and save around 0.5-1kWh per cycle.

Pool Pump

Switching your pool pump off could save 1-2kWh every hour.

For more energy saving tips, visit Sustainability Victoria appliance calculator