Victorian price change

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Announcement for changes from the 1st of March

Why are my rates changing?

Energy charges are made up of:

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Network charges

These are charges that distribution businesses incur to service your premise

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Wholesale energy costs

Is the cost Simply Energy incurs to purchase energy from wholesale market

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Renewable energy schemes

These are costs under national and state schemes to support renewable energy

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Retail costs

Costs related to managing your accounts, billing and customer services

The main reason for this rate change has been an increase to network and wholesale costs. Each year, we review whether your energy rates and charges need to vary to reflect the changes in the costs associated with providing you energy.

I just signed up, how can you
change my rates?

If you signed up in December 2019, we would have advised that rates would be changing on 1st January 2020 during the sign-up process.

If you signed up prior to December 2019 your welcome pack would have included information on how we may change your rates and charges.

For further information on these terms and conditions, read more.

I was recommended a different offer based on my previous usage. When will this be available?

Your recommended offer is now available for you. Simply call us on 1800 370 600 and one of your specialists will be able to assist you.

My energy costs are still too high –
what is Simply Energy doing to help?

We have a range of simply helpful services including:

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Reviewing your offer

We’ll let you know every 3 months for electricity and 4 months for gas, if your current plan is right for you or if you could be better off on one of our other generally available offers.

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Try our Online Energy

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Register for Tracker

To manage your usage with a weekly update based on real time data. You can set a budget and track against it, view when your next bill is due and receive tailored tips to save both energy and money.

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View our Energy Saving Tips

Learn how to save energy, time and money.

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