Power of choice for consumers

Substantial reforms are under way to the National Electricity Market (NEM) following recommendations by the Australian Energy Market Commission’s Power of Choice review.

The reforms provide opportunities for consumers to make informed choices about the way they use electricity based on the benefits that some services provide. The first wave of changes taking effect from 1 December, 2017.


  • Reform to distribution network pricing principles to improve consumer understanding of cost-reflective network tariffs and to give consumers more opportunity to be rewarded for changing their consumption patterns.
  • Expand competition in metering and related services to all consumers.
  • Provide consumers with better access to their electricity consumption data.
  • Implementation of a framework for open access and common communication standards to support contestability in demand-side participation end user services enabled by smart meters. This will support consumer choice.
  • Introduce a new category of market participant for non-energy services in the National Electricity Rules to enable innovative products to be offered to consumers.
  • Establish a new demand response mechanism in the wholesale market – giving optionality for demand-side resources to participate in the wholesale market for electricity.


At Simply Energy, we are preparing for these changes by upgrading our systems to enable you to take advantage of the reforms.

Our team will be in contact with you, should the changes affect you, which will include nomination of your Metering Coordinator and other items before 1 December, 2017.