Virtual energy assessments

Simply Energy’s virtual energy audits make it easier for customers to access big data as a smart way of managing how energy is consumed and finding solutions over the noise of day-today business.

C and I newsletter 2Simply Energy is pleased to confirm that it is able to bring one of ENGIE’s digital data analytic solutions, specific to business energy users to Australia: ECOVA’s virtual energy assessments.

Simply Energy will leverage ECOVA’s deep expertise and innovative technology in building analytics to drive energy savings and engagement for commercial and industrial customers, both through utilities and directly. ECOVA analyses meter data and available building information to rapidly create building energy models that accurately identify energy efficiency and demand savings opportunities at an unmatched speed and scale.

The solution is non-invasive and provides customers with a smart way of considering options for reducing energy consumption and making cost savings. In an Australian first, Simply Energy will match the recommended energy savings from the virtual energy assessments with real product solutions for customers to purchase.

Please contact your account manager if you are interested in understanding more about Simply Energy’s Virtual Energy Assessments.