Power of Choice

Substantial reforms are under way to the National Electricity Market (NEM), taking effect from 1st December 2017, following recommendations by the Australian Energy Market Commission’s Power of Choice review: www.aemc.gov.au.

The reforms provide opportunities for consumers to make informed choices about the way they use electricity based on the benefits that some services provide. A significant wave of change is taking effect from 1 December, 2017 and as such, a new market participant, “Metering Coordinator” (MC), has been introduced to enable innovative products to be offered to consumers. No immediate action is required from you, however for consumers to take advantage of the changes, you have the “power of choice” by nominating your own MC ”, especially if you have a direct metering agreement. . If you do not have a preferred MC to be nominated, we will appoint one for you as a part of our obligation. We will be sending you further details about any potential impacts and actions required.

Power of Choice Highlights:

  • Improve consumers’ understanding of cost-reflective network tariffs and to provide consumers more opportunity to be rewarded for changing their consumption patterns.
  • Expand competition in metering and related services to all consumers.
  • Provide consumers with better access to their electricity consumption data.
  • Implementation of a framework for open access and common communication standards to support contestability in demand-side participation end user services enabled by smart meters. This will support consumer choice.

www.aemc.gov.au At Simply Energy, our systems are being re-accredited by AEMO so we can continue to provide our services and enable you to take advantage of the reforms efficiently and effectively.