BRAVO RBILL billing engine upgrade

Simply Energy is upgrading its billing engine to meet Power of Choice obligations and to make it easy for our customers to understand their energy usage.

Simply Energy is upgrading and transitioning its billing engine to BRAVO RBILL, a BRAVE Energy Systems technologies platform, as part of its obligations under Power of Choice and to provide an easier means for customers to access and understand their energy usage and costs.

The project has been a significant undertaking for both Simply Energy and BRAVE, with a combined project team being formed to ensure compliance with Power of Choice, high quality customer outcomes and seamless implementation of BRAVO RBILL.

The new BRAVO RBILL platform will include a new customer friendly energy portal, which will replace Simply Energy’s current Servo portal. Simply Energy’s Customer Care team will provide details to our customers on how to access and use the Energy Portal, to access bills, consumption data and other items. The Energy Portal will be available during December.

Throughout 2018, BRAVE will also deliver to Simply Energy a series of enhancements to BRAVO RBILL, which will further improve access to information and make it easier for customers to understand how they are using energy.

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Figure 1: BRAVO RBILL Energy Portal example.