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Simply Energy and the CSIRO need your help

Jan 30, 2019

If the summer heat has you sticking your head in the fridge, it’s time to spill the beans. We understand that with scorching temperatures at this time of year, it can be tricky to balance skyrocketing energy usage while keeping comfortable with the aircon on.  That’s why we’re throwing our support behind a new app from the CSIRO that will help unlock the mysteries of the average Aussie’s energy use. 

Their aim is to better understand how Australians use energy on peak summer days and the factors that influence energy decisions in the home, and to use that information to  help make future summers more comfortable and affordable, as well as reducing the stress on energy networks. 

We are calling on our customers and all Australians to join the CSIRO Citizen Science Team. Getting involved is as simple as downloading a free app, and you’ll have the chance to tell CSIRO how you use energy, what it means to you, and where summer is hitting you the hardest. The information will then be crunched by the clever CSIRO folk, aiding and informing their work in sustainable energy, with a view to shaping a more reliable and manageable summer of energy for everyone. 

By taking part, you’ll learn how other people are using energy, get to take mini surveys and see what interesting discoveries the CSIRO has already made that may impact your life. Then, down the track when the results are collated and published, you’ll have every right to feel proud, because you helped initiate change. 
This is a chance to throw your hat in the ring and play a real role in the future of energy in Australia.
To download the free app, head to CSIRO Energise. 


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