Oct 30, 2015

Energy retailer Simply Energy is investigating a hoax email that has seen fake invoices sent to email addresses across Australia.


A Simply Energy spokesperson said an email being sent from an unknown source looked like a Simply Energy bill but was false.


“The hoax email can be identified by the ‘Dear Customer’ opening (genuine Simply Energy bills always carry the customer’s name). The email refers to a gas bill for an amount of $336.23. The email also includes a Word document attachment.


“The email is not genuine and has not been sent by Simply Energy. We strongly recommend that if you receive this email, delete it immediately without opening any attachments or clicking on any links in the email,” the spokesperson said.


Simply Energy answered more than 8000 customer calls today as a result of people receiving the hoax email, compared with a normal day’s calls of about 2500.


The spokesperson said Simply Energy put controls in place so that people were prevented from inadvertently paying the hoax bill.



Further information: Trevor Rowe 0412 259 275