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Turn to Simply Energy and True Value Solar, for the
Simply Solar Plus package

From True Value Solar you get:

A quality solar system which can be tailored to suit your home and lifestyle requirements.

From Simply Energy you get:

A 14c per kWh feed-in tariff for 2 years, plus 30% off Simply Energy electricity usage charges and 15% off Simply Energy gas usage charges when you pay on time.*

Get ready to turn up the sun now call 03 8813 2590

Earning your 14c feed-in is easy with these four simple steps

1. Set-up

Purchase an approved solar system from True Value Solar and switch your energy to Simply Energy

2. Generate

Generate electricity via your new solar system.

3. Share

Any surplus electricity you don’t use or store is fed back to the grid.

4. Earn

You’ll be paid 14c (exclusive of GST) for every kWh you feed back to the grid.

Learn more about Simply Solar Plus

Simply Solar Plus recently featured on Channel 7's The Morning Show and The Daily Edition. Check out the video to learn more about this great solar package from Simply Energy and True Value Solar.


*This offer is currently only available to residential customers in Victoria who purchase a new eligible solar system from True Value Solar and switch their energy to Simply Energy. This energy offer ends 2 years from the date that the feed-in tariff starts. Discounts are off our current market contract rates and do not apply to other charges such as supply charges. Gas only available in conjunction with electricity. Full terms and conditions available.