Power of Choice

Reforms are now underway following recommendations by the Australian Energy Market Commission’s Power of Choice review.

The reforms provide opportunities for consumers to make informed choices about the way they use electricity. This means that older-style meters will be phased out and replaced by smart meters over time. We are preparing for these changes by upgrading our systems to enable you to take advantage of the reforms.

What does this mean for you?

From 1 December 2017, in participating states we will begin to upgrade existing manually read meters to Smart (digital) meters. All new electricity meters installed for residential and small business customers will be Smart meters. If you are a Commercial and Industrial customer, please contact your account manager to find out how these changes apply to your business.

Smart meters are digital communication devices that allow you to:

Access more frequent data

Understanding your electricity consumption

Identify how to reduce your energy usage

Track your electricity usage

Receive accurate meter readings

Move in, move out of your home with ease

Power of choice FAQ