Feed-in tariffs

Feed-in payments are the payments made to customers for the energy they feed into the electricity grid. Many customers with small-scale generation (such as rooftop solar photovoltaic panels) at times generate more electricity than they are using. This surplus electricity is fed in to the grid, and the customer may be eligible for a Feed-in payment for it. An eligible customer receives these payments as credits on their bill.

To find out more about available Feed-in tariffs, please call Simply Energy on 13 88 08.

Feed-in payments and eligibility can be different for each state. Information for each state is provided below.


 State FIT (c/kWh) Effective date
 NSW 8 8th August 2018
 QLD 10 8th August 2018
 SA 10 8th August 2018
 ACT 8 8th August 2018
 VIC 11.3 1st July 2017


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