Payment options

Can I access my account online?

Simply Energy offers online account access for all of its accounts. To apply for access to your residential or small business account online go to our online registration form and complete your details. Large business customers can access their accounts online through SERVO. If you need help accessing your account online please contact our customer care team.

Can I pay my bills by Direct Debit/Credit?

Simply Energy offers Direct Debit/Credit payments on Residential and Small business accounts. If you have a residential account you can contact our Customer Service team to arrange this over the phone. If you are a small business customer please complete the Automatic payment form and return it to Simply Energy.

Please note, joint accounts must be provided in writing on the Direct Debit signup form.

How can I pay my bills?

Simply Energy offers a range of payment methods for you to pay your bills. Depending on the type of account you have these may include online, automatic or in person payment methods. You can find the available payment methods for your account on the back page of your energy bill.

Payment options

  • Direct debit
  • BPay
  • Pay online or by phone with your credit card or PayPal
  • Pay in person at Australia Post
  • Pay by mail
  • Australia Post Payment Cards

What is a credit card payment fee?

Simply Energy strives to ensure that the cost of supplying energy to customers is kept as low as possible. Currently, every time a Simply Energy customer uses their credit card to pay their bill, Simply Energy incurs a charge from the relevant financial institution for processing that customer's credit card payment. Instead of incorporating these charges into our energy rates, Simply Energy attributes a portion of these charges to those customers who pay their Simply Energy bill by credit card. If you are concerned about credit card charges, Simply Energy offers direct debit as an alternative to direct credit from a credit card.

A fee of 0.6% of your payment amount (including GST) will apply to electricity and natural gas bill payments made by Visa or MasterCard online or over the phone at the time of payment. For example, if your bill is $100, and you pay by Visa or MasterCard, the total amount charged to your credit card will $100.60.