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Switching Retailers

What happens when I change retailer?

When you accept an offer with Simply Energy, we become your new retailer. Your distributor will not change. The quality and reliability of your supply is not affected. We will notify your current retailer on your behalf about your decision to switch retailers. When this transfer is complete we will notify you in writing. This can take up to 4 months depending on when your next meter read is scheduled.

What happens if you cancel after you have transferred to Simply Energy?

If you make a cancellation request after your account has already been transferred to Simply Energy, depending on your account status situation we may recommend that you contact your new retailer to complete the transfer.

You may also be liable for any termination fees applicable to your contract. Please refer to your contract for further details.

Until such time as you transfer your account away from Simply Energy, we will continue to supply your energy and provide to you the benefits included in your contract.

What does Full Retail Contestability mean to me?

The Australian energy industry has undergone significant change over the past 10 years. Energy retail is now open to full competition which means you can choose who retails your energy.

Increased competition means you now have the power to:

  • Choose your energy retailer
  • Pay less for your energy
  • Save time by dealing with one company for both electricity and gas

Energy Plans

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