What is eBilling

eBilling means electing to receive your bills via email. Your energy bills will be sent directly to your nominated email address in PDF format.

What are the benefits of eBilling?

The benefits of an email invoice include:

  • Helping the environment by cutting down on paper usage.
  • Receive your invoices anywhere, anytime
  • Get invoices as soon as they are issued - giving you longer to pay before due date
  • Reduced risk of invoice getting lost in the mail
  • Ability to store invoice electronically without having to have a paper file. We will even keep the record for you when you set up a Customer Web account. click here to set up a Customer Web account

Is there a cost to receive my bill by email?

No. Email invoices are free of charge.

Where can I find my customer number? Is it the same as my account number?

You can find your customer number on the front of any bill down the bottom of the page on the payment slip. It will be below the payment barcode. Your customer number is a unique number which identifies you and all your Simply Energy accounts. It is different from your account numbers which identify your separate accounts for electricity and gas.

How do I ensure the email gets through to me and does not go to my junk/spam folder?

Spam or junk filtering settings may be different depending on which email program you use. Your bill will be emailed on behalf of Simply Energy by a specialised provider that complies with anti-spam requirements, and will appear as coming from info@simplyenergy.com.au. Generally speaking, if you add this email address as a contact in your address book or to your safe list, it won't be marked as spam or junk mail.

How do I stop receiving email bills and return to paper bills?

You can change back to paper bills by calling our Customer Care team on 13 88 08. If you feel you need to swap back to paper bills because of any issues you are having with eBilling, please let our Customer Care team know so we can continue to improve our services. Alternatively you can give us your feedback electronically.

How do I view my bill?

Each time an energy bill is issued you will be sent an email with your electronic bill attached as a PDF.

How long does it take for eBilling requests to be processed?

ebilling requests are processed immediately.

What will happen to my marketing material?

If you are signed up to email billing, you will receive all marketing material via email as well.

What happens if my email address details change?

If you ever want to change your eBilling address you can update your email details by calling our Customer Service team on 13 88 08. If you don't have a customer web account you can click here to set one up.

What happens if there is a problem with my email and I do not receive my bill?

We will try to resend your bill via email. If it is unsuccessful a second time we will send your invoice to you in the mail. We will contact you before your next bill is due to confirm your correct email address or rectify the issue so we can keep sending your bills electronically. If you ever want to change your eBilling address you can update your email details through your customer web account and update your preferred email address and contact details. If you don't have a customer web account you can click here to set one up.