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The future of energy is here

Imagine being able to store the energy you’ve generated to use later. That opportunity is here, right now. Introducing the Tesla Powerwall home battery. The Powerwall is attractively designed, and is capable of charging from a range of energy sources, including solar panels, or when utility rates are low.

Tesla’s commitment to the acceleration of a renewable energy economy, paired with Simply Energy’s solar energy expertise enables us to offer you a solution at the cutting edge of energy technology.

How it works

The Tesla Powerwall is completely changing the way we think about, and use energy. Technologies like this provide possibilities  to reduce your power bills and to lesson our dependence on fossil fuels, which means a cleaner, greener energy future.

Power your home with solar, day and night

It's pretty simple, really. The average household consumes more energy in the morning and evening. Battery storage allows you to save any excess energy generated by your solar system (during the day) so you can use it when you need it, rather than it being fed back into the grid.

Apart from the obvious advantage of putting you in control of your power generation, thus saving you money, it offers the additional benefit of being able to supply power to your critical appliances (such as your refrigerator) in the event of a power outage.


Make the switch to solar

The benefits of battery 
(Powerwall, that is)


A far cry from current generation bulky, difficult-to-install, high-maintenance home batteries, the Tesla Powerwall features sleek good looks and a raft of features that make it the leader in its category

rechargeable, Lithium
ion battery
Easy to install; no
maintenance required
6.4kWh capacity
Up to 10 year warranty

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