South Australian Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

What is a VPP?

What's our offer?

Up to $5,100 in VPP Access Credits paid at up to $108 per month*

For energy sent back to the grid a 15c Feed-In Tariff

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*The VPP Access Credit will be calculated on a daily basis at $3.49 per day, to a maximum of $5,100 and credited to your account monthly provided you meet the Terms and conditions.

To find out more and to see if you are eligible call us on 1800 290 773, or register for a call back


Batteries supported on our VPP

A variety of battery types supported by our VPP that are supplied through our specified installers

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery



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Varta Pulse 6 Battery


Pulse 6

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eguana evolve battery


Eguana Evolve 0513

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LG Chem Resu Battery


LG Chem RESU10H-R coupled with the AC Coupled SolarEdge HD Wave SE5000H-AUSACNNN2

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sonnen batterie battery


sonnenBatterie eco 8.0/10,12,14

sonnenBatterie eco 8.2/10,12,14

sonnenBatterie eco 9.43/12.5,15

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