Who is ENGIE?

ENGIE is a global energy provider spanning 70 countries and 5 continents. The ENGIE global
network is an enterprise committed to long-term innovation and growth whilst adhering
to a strict ethical code.

What does ENGIE do?

ENGIE's key focus is on responsible and sustainable growth and creating effective energy services and
innovative solutions for its customers. ENGIE continues to diversity and grow through its key sectors:
natural gas, power and energy services with a focus on renewable energy sources. Locally this means
investment into solar technology and reduction of brown coal use.

Engie's Key Sectors
Natural Gas
Energy Services

Additionally, ENGIE is customer-focused. Their rapid adaption to a changing energy sector means
they are uniquely positioned to lead the transition to a low-carbon economy, always with an eye
to socially responsible practices. Visit Website

ENGIE and Simply Energy : Energy that works with you.

Simply Energy is the Australian retail arm of the ENGIE global network. With a wealth of
collective knowledge, technology and innovation available to our customers, we can help put
you in control of your energy future.