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Five Nifty Energy-Saving Gadgets From Across The Globe

May 24, 2019, 13:38 PM by User Not Found
We love to hear about energy innovations from around the world, so we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite and most inspiring global inventions to share with you.

We love to hear about energy innovations from around the world, so we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite and most inspiring global inventions to share with you. 


FLYTE levitating energy efficient light bulb

Designed in Sweden, FLYTE is a levitating light bulb that hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. The sleek Scandi-inspired design features a base made of sustainably sourced oak, ash and walnut. 

Named after a combination of the words fly, light, and the Swedish word for float, FLYTE uses energy efficient LEDs which can supply enough energy to be used for 6 hours a day for 22 years, without needing to be replaced! Even better, when the light is not in use the wireless power base is good for other things, like charging your phone.


Soccet energy harnessing soccer ball

Soccet is a durable, ecofriendly portable generator in the form of a soccer ball. As it bounces around, a small pendulum inside it harness the kinetic energy generated by the movement, turning a generator connected a rechargeable battery. Once it’s charged, it can be used as simple off-grid power source. uncharted play, the makers of the ball, have been trialing it in resource-poor areas of the world such as Mexico, South Africa, and Brazil.

This cool gadget comes with an LED lamp which plugs into it, and can run for three hours on the energy generated by just 30 mins of play. This life-changing innovation means that children in these areas can have fun playing, and have enough light to see them through the night.


Solar Charged Jacket lighting the way for nighttime sport

Named as one of the best inventions of 2018 the Solar Charged Jacket is naturally fuelled by light. It charges fast using pretty much any available light source, including sunlight, and once charged, glows green in the dark. 

Providing an effective wearable light source, it allows the wearer to see and be seen in places where they might not otherwise have access to light—perfect for intrepid runners, climbers, sailors, riders and campers who find themselves out and about at night.


SALt energy efficient lantern

SALt stands for sustainable alternative lighting, and their first innovation is an award-winning lantern designed to be a viable and affordable alternative to kerosene lamps, candles, or battery powered lamps in communities where accessing affordable energy may be a challenge. Based on metal-air battery technology, SALt V1.0 is a sustainable, safe, and cost effective lantern activated by salt water. That’s it—just salt and a glass of water.

This clever social enterprise has a big emphasis on helping others, and has already raised enough sponsorship funding to donate 400 lamps to disaster-stricken communities in need in the Philippines, with plans to raise enough funds to donate almost 4000 more in the future.


Tetra plumbing-free countertop dishwasher

Perfect for space-challenged city dwellers, Tetra is a countertop dishwasher that requires less than two litres of tap water per 10-minute wash-cycle. Smaller than the average microwave, the tiny appliance takes up minimal bench space, and has its own water reservoir, so doesn’t need to be plumbed in.

Controlled via a handy app, it heats up quickly using graphite electrodes rather than traditional metal coils, helping save space, water, and time.

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