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Smart kitchen gadgets and appliances to help ease energy consumption

Feb 3, 2019, 15:30 PM by Miranda Davidson

Find out how you can reduce your energy consumption in the kitchen 


It’s the bustling heart of the home so it’s little wonder that in most households the kitchen can be one of the most energy-draining rooms in the house. 

Choosing appliances that use less energy has never been easier with new technology bringing us options that work smarter, not harder.  We’ve put together a range of options big and small to suit varying budgets that can help curb your energy usage. 

Smart fridge

Smart fridge


It’s often one of the top three energy-using appliances in most homes, but unlike the front runners – the dryer and air-conditioner - it’s a necessity. So other than stopping the kids standing with the door open endlessly wishing for more food to appear, what can be done to make it more energy efficient?

 A smart fridge could be the answer. Fridges like the Samsung Family Hub have built-in cameras that let you see what’s inside the fridge via an app on your phone – without having to open the fridge door. It means the temperature stays regular and the fridge isn’t constantly trying to cool back down again. Others adapt to your usage habits for more efficient cooling. 

Some models even employ Wi-Fi connectivity to help you use your fridge more efficiently—sending alerts when the temperature inside is too high or low, allowing you to remotely adjust it accordingly; and letting you know when the door has been accidentally left open. 

Pressure cooker

Smaller appliances tend to use a lot less energy than a traditional oven, so another super clever way to cook up a storm without being a drain on the energy bill is investing in a pressure cooker. They can cook almost any meal in mere minutes, and keeping the heat in means less need for cooktop fans or air-conditioning to cool the kitchen. 

Slow cooker 

Slow cooker

Set and forget meals are a cinch, and dishes that need long, slow cooking for maximum tenderness will be less energy-sapping than leaving the oven on for hours as slow cookers use just a little more energy than a light bulb. If you use a super smart wi-fi enabled version you’ll be even more in control of energy use by adjusting cooking time and temperature from wherever you are.  

Smart thermostat

If you can’t stand the heat, get a smart thermostat for the kitchen! Being able to remotely control the temperature in the kitchen with a device like the Sensibo Sky WiFi Remote for Air Conditioners means being smarter with your aircon, and only switching the cooler on when you really need it. 

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