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7 energy-saving tips for a festively frugal holiday season

Dec 17, 2018, 14:00 PM by Miranda Davidson

With costs creeping up during the festive season, here’s how you can help keep your energy usage down.

Festive season

While the northern hemisphere shivers through the holidays in a wintry white wonderland, down south we’re heading into the festive season under the sweltering southern sun.

It means one of the most energy-draining holidays combines with one of the peak power-usage seasons—with everyone’s fans and air conditioners working overtime to keep us all cool—making for less-than-merry energy bills. So we’ve bundled up a bunch of energy-saving tips for a more energy-friendly season ahead.

DeoratingDigitech remote

  • Use solar Christmas lights that can be charged next to the window during the day, or switch out to LED lights. LEDs will only add somewhere between ten cents and one dollar to your electricity bill over the entire festive season.
  • Put the lights on a smart timer like the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi plug (or try using Google Home or Alexa if you have them), so they’re only on while you’re home. 
    Hook the tree lights up to a smart, energy saving power socket.
  • Use the tree as your main light in your living area (switch off lamps that may usually automatically come on).
  • Switch to a fibre optic tree – it’s like having just one light plugged in to light up an entire tree!
  • Unplug any electric decorations at night – remember they can still use energy just by being plugged in. 


  • Ditch the oven and switch to more energy-efficient cooking methods such as the BBQ, slow cooker or pressure cooker. This also helps the house stay cool as the mercury rises. 
  • Start up the BBQ for delish roast meats, flick on the slow cooker for tender cuts or go for the traditional Aussie option and put on a cold meats and seafood spread. 
  • If you’re thinking you need to power up the second fridge for festive drinks, think again. A good, ol’ Esky filled with ice does the trick and adds nothing to your energy bill. 
  • If you are keen on turkey for lunch – if your energy plan has off-peak energy rates, cook it overnight during an off-peak energy usage time. Then have it cold the next day for an Aussie twist on a traditional fave. 
  • Once you’ve finished the festive season leftovers, make sure you give the fridge and freezer a good clear out – overfilling the fridge can interfere with the circulation of cold air and reduce energy efficiency. 

Wishing you every happiness throughout the festive season.


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