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8 fascinating and fun energy facts

Nov 29, 2018, 13:53 PM by Miranda Davidson

We’ve put together eight fun and fascinating facts about our energy consumption.


Did you know… 

  1. Your microwave could be using as much power on standby as it does to heat your food.

    How often do you use the microwave? A few times a week? Did you know the average microwave uses more energy powering its clock than it does heating food?

  2. The sun throws off enough energy to power our planet for a year, in just one hour. 

  3. Every hour the sun produces enough energy to power almost 3,000 trillion light bulbs.

    And it will continue to generate solar energy for another five billion years – give or take.  

  4. Laptops can use a whopping 80 per cent less electricity than a desktop computer.

    That’s because they can run off battery power for a long time. Desktop use about 60 to 200 watts of electricity, a laptop just 20 to 50 watts. And this can be even less if the laptop is in power save mode. 


    Light bulb

  5. Quality LED lights can last at least five times as long as their halogen counterparts, potentially saving time, effort and cash in replacing them as frequently. 

  6. Google searches use more energy than you think.

    There are more than 40,000 Google searches worldwide. every second which equates to the power needed to run a dishwasher seven times over! 

  7. Using only the amount of water you need when making a cuppa can cut the amount you’re spending on boiling the kettle each year in half.

  8. A plane can fly around the world running only on solar energy.

    A specially-constructed solar-powered aircraft successfully flew around the world using only solar energy. It took 16 months and over 500 hours of flying to complete. But it’s unlikely solar planes will be replacing Boeing 747s any time soon – the number of solar panels needed to lift a commercial carrier simply won’t fit on the plane’s wings.  



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