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We’re proud to help make a difference with Cottage by the Sea

Nov 8, 2018, 16:36 PM by Miranda Davidson

The uplifting energy and fresh air of the sea creates the perfect setting for children to re-set, be inspired and have fun so it’s little wonder that Cottage by the Sea is where children gather to set a new course for their lives. We’ve worked with the children’s charity for more than a decade, supporting the work they do to help shine a light on the lives of disadvantaged kids. 

Cottage by the Sea is a truly unique organisation which believes every child deserves a happy childhood. The groundbreaking facility at Queenscliff in Victoria works with disadvantaged young people through its innovative programs, which aim to inspire and foster both fun and opportunity. 

“The emphasis here is on fun, having a good time, meeting new people and feeling good about life” said Tony Featherstone, CEO at Cottage by the Sea. 

“From small acts of kindness to large-scale projects, we’ve loved lending a hand over the years to help the team continue to ride a wave of success”, said Shannon Hyde, General Manager Sales & Marketing at Simply Energy. 

Simply Energy staff have regularly rolled up their sleeves for working bees at the cottage, to make sure it’s shipshape, by painting, gardening and rejuvenating playgrounds. It was no different just recently, when we spent a fun day pitching in with wrapping gifts and other odd jobs around the facility. 

Wrapping gifts

Receiving practical support like this means that cottage staff are able to devote their time and funding to their worthy programs and assisting children in need, rather than to the upkeep of the building and grounds. 

Team briefing

“It’s good to see people come on site and volunteer their time, to do what they do, and if that didn’t happen then we wouldn’t be here and the fourteen hundred children wouldn’t get to experience what they do on our programs,” said Bill Kerr, Operations Manager from Cottage by the Sea. 

Cottage by the Sea relies solely on donations to keep doing the great work they do. Over the past ten years our donations have helped fund a fantastic new playground, and in 2016 we installed a twenty-panel solar system to help reduce energy costs at the cottage. In 2017 we hosted a charity golf day bringing together our staff, partners and suppliers to raise a phenomenal $42,430. 

Solar panels

At Simply Energy, we’re not just about powering people, we’re about empowering the community, and we’re proud to provide Cottage by the Sea with not only funding and infrastructure, but a helping hand from our staff, who truly care.  “Making a difference is always special,” said Shannon Hyde, “and to do that with your co-workers makes Simply Energy a great place to work.”

Simply Energy team
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