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Home entertainment tips for energy efficiency

Oct 25, 2018, 14:53 PM by Miranda Davidson

Make your home entertainment more energy efficient with these simple tips and tricks. 

Home entertainment tips that could help conserve energy

Smart TV
The smart home era means automating entertainment in the comfort of your abode has never been easier. 

Take a stroll through the most popular smart home entertainment devices you might already have hooked up in your house, and find out how they could be used not just for fun, but to help reduce your energy usage.

Smart TVs

A smart TV can really become the entertainment hub for your home – and let you do away with a bunch of other contraptions you’ll no longer need.

Fewer devices means less clutter, but the real kicker could be less drain on your energy bill. Many smart TVs are built to higher energy efficiency standards, meaning they may be cheaper to run per hour than standard TVs.

Some smart TVs also have enhanced, built-in sound systems, which means they can be used as your home stereo and radio. The advent of Bluetooth speakers, which often go hand in hand with smart TVs, also means you can say goodbye to bulky sound systems and extra clutter.
Switching off 

When it comes to smart entertainment, your lounge entertainment area – where the family watches TV, listens to music and does their gaming – doesn’t have to be a drain on your energy efficiency. 

By introducing a simple remote power socket the power is in your hands – literally. Once you’ve plugged all of the devices into the power socket, you can turn everything off using the remote. Another brilliant device that will make turning off all your smart devices a cinch is a smart power switch. It makes hard-to-reach plugs accessible and you can take them all off standby easily.

Mood lighting
Smart lights

Need some entertainment ambience in your abode? Smart mood lighting is the way to go. 

A great option is LIFX Wi-Fi bulbs, or the Philips Hue bulb which both connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. They can be controlled remotely to dim lights, some models can change to different colours, and here’s where the potential energy saving comes in – they may use less energy and can have a longer life span than incandescent bulbs. For example, the Philips Hue bulbs use 80 per cent less wattage than incandescent bulbs and are also designed to last for 15,000 hours. 
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